How to break my basset puppy of biting?

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crytle: How can I break my basset puppy of biting?
I have an 8 month old basset hound puppy who is STUBBURN and definitely not like any other bassets. He is super active and rarely likes to be lazy! We took him to obedience school, but he didn’t learn one single thing. Even if he’s just laying on the couch, my arm has to be in his mouth. It’s seriously non-stop, he won’t quit biting. Do any other basset owners have any HELPFUL suggestions?
Also, my basset pup LOVES water. I’ve tried the spray bottle approach and he absolutely loves it…he jumps up and starts barking at the spray bottle while licking the water. I’ve also tried that sour apple spray stuff, yea he LOVES that stuff too.
When I try the newspaper across the nose approach, he again thinks I’m playing so he grabs the newspape. It’s funny but at the same time frustrating.

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Answer by knapp_elise
I own a jack russell and he bite all the time. dogs hate water sprayed in their face… keep a lil spray bottle full of water near u and when they do that spray it in their face… it should stop within 3 days. GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. Angela says

    well what i would do when my dog bit was grab his mouth and pull the skin in so you are pressing it against his tops of his teeth so it hurts a little but is not too painful you just want to teach him a lesson not cause him pain! and while u are doing this you should say no biting in a stern voice

  2. GIRLYinNY says

    Make sure your dog is getting enough physical and mental stimulation (playtime with you, a variety of different toys, exercise, etc.). You also want to have several items around that are appropriate for chewing such as those made by Nylabone. When your dog starts to bite your hand, give him a firm 'no' and stop giving him any attention and do something else or give him a Nylabone and then say 'good boy'. Don't give him mixed signals by sometimes letting him chew on your hand; just don't use your hands as toys at all. Dogs are usually very eager to please you and love the praise that follows. Sometimes this means you have show him what you want as opposed to what you don't want. Good luck.

  3. Cherrykins says

    I at the moment have three puppies I am raising, so I know how hard it is to stop them of biting. Swat his nose every time he bites, but not hard;;just to surprise him, then hold your hand out and see if he'll lick it. If he does, praise him, then give him a toy he chews on. It may take time, but spray bottles can scare the dog and make it fear being around you. I have a dog that that happened to, and he wouln't go near my mother because of it.

  4. Sciencemom says

    It's time your puppy knows who the pack leader is… act like an adult basset and, using your hands, "bite" him (it's like your hand is a claw) with a firm, quiet "no." If he was still with his mother she'd discipline him immediately when he bit.

    Also, make sure he has acceptable biting/chewing toys. Puppies need to chew, but he has to learn what is ok to bite!

    enjoy your puppy!

  5. iceez81 says

    Make sure that when you and others play with your dog that you have a toy. Alot of times when a person plays with puppies they tend to do it by hands and that causes the puppy to think it can bite or "Bites" the hands and so forth. Make sure your puppy knows that the only thing his mouth sould "Bites" is his toys. Also make sure that no one does rough play at this age. This age the dog soaks in the most information. Also when he "Bites" Say NO firm!

  6. Jabo says

    I would go with knapp elise's idea… but, with a basset hound it might not work, because they're a different breed. If that doesnt work, spray something that he doesnt like to taste -ex. alchohol, air freshener- on whatever he is biting.

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