How old should my Newfoundland dog be to breed?

Kiersten1218: How old should my Newfoundland be to breed?
I was wondering what's a good age that a Newfoundland male be old to breed. What would happen if I bred to a female of age when he was only 9 months old?
Thank you for your answers. I'm not actually going to breed my dog, I was just wondering what would happen if I did at this age. Sorry to make your lives miserable.
Thanks for the help. I'll definatley get around to doing that. Right now he's a good and healthy pup :)

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Answer by ♥ Beardies
2 years old is the minimum because dog's can't be OFA certified until age 2. Any younger and you'd just be irresponsible. Genetic disease runs rampant in dogs, you should be testing for common ailments as well as trying to earn titles on your dogs. Pets are not breeding quality, you should only be breeding a dog who has something to offer to his breed.

Answer by Stacy S

First of all, you should not breed your dog unless he is of good quality and has had all of his testing done for health problems. Some males do not even produce quality semen at that age. Furthermore, you can not test his hips or anything at that age. You need to look into the healthy tests that are required for his breed. If your dog is carrying a disease that you dont know about or can not see and he breeds and the puppies have the problem, you will be financially liable for those puppies and the losses of the new owners. Be responsible and do your homework to make sure he is good and sound before you accidently breed a bunch of broken dogs that you have to pay for later.

Answer by Jennifer w
At 9 months old he is too immature. As a giant breed a newfie matures much slower than a smaller breed. He should be sexually mature around 18 to 24 months. You can have some of his testing done before then, but his OFA's have to wait until he's 2. You can get a prelim done earlier, but many newfs have trouble with anesthesia and unless you have to, this is unnecessary. Until then, you can work on his titles.

Answer by clarity
Please don't breed your dog just because you can. There are so many unwanted puppies, and adding to that is not something you should do. Unless there is something phenomenal your dog can add to the Newfie breed, please have him neutered.

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  1. mike says

    Nice to see so many breeders with nice helpful info for you obvious not happy somebody else might want to have a litter taking money out of there pocket,

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