How old should my boxer be to get his ears clipped?

paulalinettegarrison: How old should my boxer be before I get his ears clipped?
My boxer is 5- 1/2 months old.How long should I wait to get his ears cropped?Or have I waited too late?

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Answer by *miss blue*
Is there a medical reason to get his ears cropped? Or fashion!?

Answer by LaLa9
Your dog should have had its ears cropped between 7 -11 weeks…much earlier. It is too late to do it now because the dog's cartilage has already formed in the ears.

Cropped ears are typically only done on a show quality dog (and even now, the AKC is starting to recognized uncropped). Unless you're planning on showing your boxer or breeding him to produce more show quality boxers (which I assume he's not breeding quality or you'd be showing him and would have a plethora of knowledge on the breed, the health testing involved, and the process of producing a boxer to preserve the lineage of the breed) there is really no reason to crop. It's purely cosmetic. My boxer has floppy ears and she's so adorable!

Answer by Jordan

I cropped my boxer puppy at 13 weeks 1 day. He did fantastic! It is not an easy thing to do. I really hated to ask him to deal with the mild pain of it……But I felt it was one thing he could do for me. I have spent about 2,000 on him. The only real question of right and wrong is putting him under for the surgery. Buy a 6.00 cone collar they scratch the stitches and can destroy their ears. Call an emergency vet hospital and take your pup with you. They will fit him with the right size collar right at the front desk no charge. Wrapping a towel around their neck DOESE NOT WORK like people say they do. You don’t want to worry all day when you are at work did he slip out of that towel and destroy his ears for life?

Answer by Tyron H
Bulls*it declawing your cat is way more cruel than doing a dogs ears that they don't use for catching birds running or climbing. if you had big dumbo ears I'd guarantee you'd kill to have your ears docked. Get over yourself you hippy.

Answer by Sawyer L
Not only are you too late, but I see getting a dogs ears cropped for fashionable reasons is just plain animal cruelty. It is NOT cute to mutilate your animal!
I can understand–barely–declawing a cat, so that it does not rip up your furniture. But if you are cropping your dogs ears, basically for the heck of it, you are not a nice person, in my opinion.

Answer by friends with everyon
Your way too late. Puppies usually get their ears and tails done when they're as young as two or three days old. Your dog will still look cute as an with adult floppy ears.

Answer by noneya
Actually puppies are between 10-14 weeks old before they get their ears cropped or tails docked…but nonetheless, yes unfortunately you're too late. A 2-3 day old puppy going under full anesthesia for a ear cropping surgery? I think not….

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  1. str8putter says

    I think you are right at the cut off date for getting them done, I think they have to be done before they are 4 months????
    Contact a vet first before making a choice..

    My question to you is , Are you going to show this dog?? Is his tail docked? Why do you want to do his ears???????

    I have a boxer, and I think he is great quality and registered AKC he has his tail done, but we chose not to do his ears 1. we were not going to show him. 2. why put him thru the pain of having his ears done. 3. He will not be breeding stock either.. 4. we had him neutered at 4 months.
    Now mine is now almost 11 months and he is a great dog (some listening puppy crap) but he is great.

  2. lt4827 says

    Doctors that do ear cropping, and there are precious few that still do these day, perform the operation when the puppies are maybe 8-12 weeks old.......

    Why do you feel the need to have the ears cropped? Its is really a hideous thing to do to a loving part of your family.

  3. Cavalier MOM says

    Please don't get his ears cropped. That is a VERY painful procedure. Its purely cosmetic and unnecessary. Why would you want to put your dog through so much pain solely for looks. Plus you take the chance of the Vet doing a botched job and the ears becoming infected.

  4. PurebredDogs says

    It's already too late, you should have had it done between 7-9 weeks of age. Even if you could find a crooked vet to do it now, they would never stand no matter what you did.

  5. Bonzie12 says

    Maybe when he's 13 or so. Sorry, but I don't believe in getting dogs ears cropped. I think they look cutier with their floppy ears.

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