How old should a siberian husky be the first time?

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Bonnie B: How old should a siberian husky be when she is bred the first time?
When is the best age to breed a siberian husky?
Wow, I never expected such rude answers to a simple questions. 90% of those who have posted are assuming, and we know what assuming makes of you and me.
editing again here.. I am not a breeder nor planning on breeding. I am asking for my daughter who is doing a paper for school. Did not think I had to explain my life story to get a simple answer.

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Answer by Peek URGENT prayers for Kira
why…(2nd heat)

there are so many that need homes
the shelters and rescues need gobs of homes for dogs and puppies…

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  1. teamhusky says

    You have to understand why people act a little defensively. So many of us see so many sad cases of abuse and neglect… is so unnecessary. A lot of it is caused by irresponsible/backyard breeders. A lot of the people that responded to your question probably spend some of their time trying to help and find homes for the unwanted/neglected Sibes and dogs.

    No dogs should be intentially bred from before they are 2 years of age – doesn't matter what breed they are.

    I hope you understand why you got this response from so many people.

  2. Jenny~♥ says

    Yeah, a lot of people on here are on several missions:

    1) To save all the pets in shelters
    2) To stop Back Yard Breeders
    3) To stop purposely breeding mutts or "designer dogs"

    When you post a question like that, they assume you are not a Reputable Breeder but a Back Yard Breeder.

    Best wishes…

    ADD: You know… sometimes I wonder why there has to be such rudeness. I understand the missions, they're all great missions. But, let's say someone IS interested in becoming a Reputable Breeder and they are in research stage… Research is great. Yahoo Answers should be a great place to start… I really think that questions could be answered in a friendlier manner.

  3. ozfozz says

    When he/she has Ch titles, hips and eyes certified, and is at least 2 years of age.
    Or never

    "90% of those who have posted are assuming"

    Assuming what? That you don't know anything about breeding?
    There's no assumption about it, if you had any idea what you were doing, you would not ask such a "simple" question.

    • jennifer says

      Personally I think that it should not have been such a hard topic for her to get an answer to. I think that yes there are a lot of people that just get real mad and come out rude assuming that she may want to try to breed. I think that it was a simple question that deserved a simple truthful reply. Despite the fact of what feelings everyone may hold for that. But the simple truth is that no matter how many rude responses she got, if her intent was to breed then she will do it regardless of what other people (who she can not see mind you) say. No matter how many people stand against that and are just so free to speak their mind regardless of what the other side thinks of you… PUPPY MILLS AND BACKYARD BREEDING WILL NEVER STOP. This is indeed a sad situation to see animals that have to live in horrible living conditions. But at the end of the day it will never stop. That does not mean that I wont be the first person to call the law if I see animal abuse but I wont go out of my way to start a virtual argument with one person. If she was wanting to breed I at least would give props to her for asking before she did anything. If that was her intention I could tell everyone that was rude to her or even continues to be rude after the fact that she said this was just a question that she wanted to know for her daughters school assignment that you never get any flies with vinegar and sometimes the person on the other end is level headed and a pleasant truthful answer with a caution or conversation stimulant (in a pleasant manner) could make the other person think twice without feeling like they are attacked. And on a last note. Nobody is born a professional at anything. It is all a learning process. Do you not think that responsible of today at one point of time was verbally attacked by others? Do you not think at first they had to start as some would perceive as a backyard breeder due to they were not born rich? But they worked hard through all of it and are now professional, respectable, and responsible breeders.

  4. Anubis * Star says

    If you are asking this, you shouldn't be breeding.


    Too many dogs are put down every year. MILLIONS. Because people have no idea what they are doing, and they decide to play god and make puppies.

    Find a REPUTABLE breeder in your area. Someone that shows and health tests their dogs. Ask them to be your mentor. When they decide you are ready to breed, you will know everything you need to

  5. callmedaisy07 says


    > She is CH titled (not her parents or grandparents, but HER)
    > You have papers on her
    > She is healthy and you have gotten ALL necessary testing done to show this
    > Can honestly say one good thing about her that will BETTER the breed standard of huskies
    > Already have a wait list of potential homes for the unborn pups
    > Have at least 5K to invest in your dog in order to breed

    If you were trying to do this right, your BREED MENTOR would be telling you the correct age. But I bet you don't have one, or you wouldn't be asking YA.

    A GOOD breeder doesn't make money off of their pups.
    A GOOD breeder will barely break even (or anywhere near close)
    A GOOD breeder wouldn't be breeding their dog because:
    – my dog is so cute
    – my dog needs to have just one litter (dogs aren't like people, they don't miss out not having sex. It actually makes them HEALTHIER not to be bred)
    – blah blah blah
    A GOOD breeder breeds a specific dog because they LOVE the breed and want to better it by ruling out any negative genes in the pool.

    Find more info on showing your dog, join your local breed club, find a mentor and learn ALL YOU CAN from them, get some titles on her, get all the STD and other health testing on her ( do you really want to bring unsound, unhealthy, poor breed standard huskies into the world?), and then and ONLY then should you consider breeding her.

    —Have to ask YA about breeding questions = you should NOT ever breed your dog. Period. —

    Here is a lovely video to show you my point:

    EDIT: Assuming? Yes darlin', we are assuming, because you are on YA asking about breeding. You are getting defensive because you aren't getting the answers you want. Don't be another irresponsible breeder. I'm so sick of pulling hundreds of dogs, half of which are purebred, because of people who could give a RATS about their dog and the breed.

  6. su·i ge&middo says

    If you're asking, you shouldn't be breeding. Get your dog spayed. Only show dogs should breed. Breeders who show keep the breed standards intact. Do you intend to show your dog?

  7. DP says

    Not the 2nd heat.. She should not be bred til she is at least 2 years of age, and has had all her breed specific health testing done. You need to find out what Sibs are known for when it comes to health, and test for those things before breeding.. Don't breed to a male that isn't health tested…

  8. Catherine P says

    At least 2 years old AND after a full health check by a veterinarian to make sure there aren't any problems. Without getting the dog finished through a regulated dog conformation program at champion status the pups won't be worth much. If you don't plan on showing and spending the money to finish the dog, then just get her fixed.

  9. -Mino- says

    With the dog market like it is , and shelters overflowing id suggest to spay your dog and not breed.

    if you are a responsible breeder you should already know…theres alot that comes with breeding dogs, not just WAM BAM PUPPIES MONEY….

    any dog shouldnt be bred untill it is atleast 2 or 2 1/2 years old and has been in heat 2+ times.

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