How often to bathe my australian shepherd dog?

: How often should I bathe my australian shepherd?
She is 8 weeks now and im not completely sure how often or if i should bathe her yet. When she gets older how often should i bathe her? And does anyone know of a specific type of shampoo that is for australian shepherds?

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Answer by AyHy
8 weeks seems too early to bathe her. I’d wait another couple months, unless she gets completely filthy.

If you bathe an Australian Shepherd once a week, that’s fine – she’ll stay pretty clean and soft to the touch.

You really don’t need a breed-specific shampoo. A generic pet shampoo will do fine; Aussies aren’t any more likely to have sensitive skin or allergies than the average dog.

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  1. crackerjack says

    I like an Oatmeal dog shampoo for my lab and german shorthair. Makes their fur really soft and its good for their skin.

  2. Alex from Hartz says

    Hi there,

    Our Groomer's Best Puppy Shampoo is specially formulated for puppies. It is a mild, tearless shampoo that will not irritate his eyes. You can get more information about it and bathing your new puppy at

    And from all of us at Hartz, congrats on the new dog!

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