How often should you bath a shih tzu?

BmvEye♥You: How often should you give a shih tzu a bath?
I have an 8 month old shih tzu puppy named Addy Rae. Me and my mom were just wondering how often we should give her a bath. And do you have any suggestions on cute hair cuts?
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Answer by Mike G
at least twcie a week our else they start to smell rellly bad

Answer by Ani
With my shih tzus I get them whats called a "puppy cut". They cut their bodies a little short and leave the heads more fluffy and the tail long. Also, if you think top knots are cute (doggy pony tails) get her used to it now, then after a while she will be used to it and beg for her hair to be pulled up. My shih tzu loves it because it keeps his hair out of his eyes.
As for washing, I wouldnt wash her any more often than once every 2 weeks for an indoor dog, unless she gets in to something. If you bathe her too much (especially a sensitive skinned dog like a shih tzu) it can dry out her skin and hair.

Cute name by the way :)
Answer by Tongue Tied

You can bathe her every two weeks, but only if she needs it. You should also brush her every day if you keep her hair long. Also, wipe the corners of her eyes with a warm cotton ball daily to avoid staining the hair by her eyes. When you bathe her only use puppy or dog shampoo, Johnson's baby shampoo works well too. But never use any other type of human shampoo. If you have a problem with dry itchy skin, try bathing less frequently and avoiding shampoos that kill fleas. Flea shampoos tend to dry out the skin.

Answer by savage
me and my wife raised them for a while a groomer told us to bathe them once every two weeks with a mild dog shampoo baby shampoo will strip all natural oils out, if you have odor problems get a professional groomer show you how to relieve the anal glands which is a type of scent gland a dog has and can be done at home once taught this breed has to have it done ever so often can save you alot of problems

Answer by Evelyn H
I think twice a week Is a little too much. Your dog's skin would start to dry up. I think once every 2 weeks Is enough.

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  1. Carlesha R says

    I bath mine every wk or so. I clean his eyes and brush him daily. His last trim was 3 wks ago and he's already in need. I think I will cut him shorter this time in a puppy cut. Biggest problem is the hair near his anus. Must keep it trimmed or lots of poopie gets caught.

  2. walking lady says

    A dog should never be bathed more than absolutely necessary, especially in the dry winter months - no more than once every 6 weeks at most. To help her skin and coat from drying out, it would be great if you added about 1 teaspoon of veg. or olive oil to her food daily - it'll keep her coat and skin in great condition.

  3. animalcarespec says

    Okay, smells can originate from other problems than not getting baths. So, make sure the food doesn't cause odors, there's not ear or teeth problems. So, if you think the dog needs a bath, make sure you keep these things in mind first. Also, giving baths too often will actually cause more odor problems. They need to keep some natural oils on their skin. I wouldn't bathe more than once a week, tops. Make sure you use very mild shampoos and always check the skin thoroughly for irritation afterwards.

  4. Jess says

    i have a shih tzu and we give her a bath about once a week or once every two weeks. she never smells bad!

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