How often is a dog allowed to bark before it is considered a nuisance?

Jack: How often is a dog allowed to bark before it is considered a nuisance/excessive?
How often is a dog allowed to bark before it is considered a nuisance/excessive?

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  2. UHave2BeKiddingMe says

    Depends on your community.

    Here is how it works near where I live as an example
    Nolan said the first step for residents dealing with a barking dog is to call animal control—not the city's code enforcement or police department—and report the dog's owner.

    Animal control will then send a letter, which is typically handdelivered by an animal control officer, to that address.

    If the barking continues for another week or two, a resident can call again and ask for a packet to file for a nuisance hearing. The hearing is a legal process with potential financial penalties.

    To file a nuisance complaint, a resident must be willing to have their name on the complaint form, keep a log of the barking for five days and have at least one other neighbor sign the complaint.

    "The reason why we want a second person is because the consequences to the owner of the dog can be drastic," said Nolan, who added that most hearings weigh in favor of the complainant. "The code allows us to go as far as seizing the dog and putting the dog down. So we want to make sure we have all the evidence."

    Nolan said there are situations where, in certain neighborhoods, it is difficult to get a second person—or third, as required in some other cities—to join the nuisance complaint. She said Camarillo has already made an exception to the rule in its municipal code.

    Often, Nolan said, the department doesn't receive a second call about the problem after the initial letter is sent, either because the barking has ceased or the complainant decided not to pursue the matter any further.

  3. Kaitlin says

    i think just if it is barking constantly, like for more then 30 seconds i would say.
    hopefuly i helped u. :)

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