How much to feed an over-weight female Miniature Pinscher dog?

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: How much should I feed my 2yrs old, over-weight, female Miniature Pinscher?
I can never tell when she is hungry or not. I have been feeding her 1 scoop of her food per day. Am I feeding her too much or too little?

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Answer by Emdee
Depends on how big the scoop is.

Most quality pet foods are designed to feed 20 pounds of dog on 1 cup per day.

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  1. Kara S says

    Female Miniature Pinschers usually weigh around
    8-10 pounds. I don't know how big the scoop is that you're feeding your dog with, so it's hard to know just how much you are giving your dog.
    I have dogs that are 8-10 pounds, like your dog is supposed to be. I would recommend to start feeding your dog twice a day and feed her 1/4-1/3 cup twice a day. Or if your dog is just used to eating once a day, then feed her 1/2 cup a day of a good quality dry dog food. You may need to change her food to a "light" version of the regular dog food. If the brand you are feeding her does not have a lighter calorie version, then try switching her to a brand like Science Diet. They have a Small Bites Light version of the regular food for small dogs.
    Also, it's important for you to cut back on the number of crackers and treats you give your dog per day. Instead of giving her an entire cracker give her 1/2 a cracker at a time. Also, only give her a treat 2-3 times a day. Dog treats and crackers are very high in fat and sugar. By reducing the amount per day will help your dog lose weight. Or as an alternative, give your dog 2 piecees of diced carrot, snap peas, peeled and diced apple or blueberries as a treat. They are safe for dogs, low in fat and calories and dogs love them. Just give a small amount, like 2 small diced pieces, because she does not need a lot.
    Also, stop feeding your dog people food, if you've been giving it to her. The diced vegetables and fruits are ok as a treat but other people foods are too high in fat and calories.
    Try walking your dog once or twice a day too. Even if it's just up the street then back, at least it would be some exercise. Or try running in the back yard, throwing a ball for her to chase and just playing with her are great ways to get your dog active and exercising.
    Talk with your vet about a good light dog food that would be best to feed your dog. Exercise is important too and cutting way back on dog crackers and treats is very important too.
    By helping your dog lose weight, you are helping to extend her life and she will be happier because by losing weight she will be more active and able to do more.
    I really hope your dog is able to lose weight andlive a long and happier life. If she's able to do more and be more active then she will be a happier pet to you.
    Best of luck with your dog. Hope I helped.

  2. [email protected] says

    i feed my 2 pit bulls 1 cup 2 times a day. my older dog weighs 55 lbs. and my puppy is 45 lbs. the puppy just gained 10 pounds in a month so she is still growing. i feed them canidae.

  3. jeeeow says

    If she's overweight, you're feeding her too much and exercising her too little– plain and simple. As far as how much to feed her, it depends a great deal on WHAT you feed. You need to feed nearly twice as much cheap food as high-quality food, because there are so much less nutrients. Also, we have no idea how much a "scoop" is…

    I would recommend feeding a high-quality food, and choose their "light" or "less-active" formula. Read the feeding guidelines clearly written on the bag. They are usually based on your pet's weight. Feed the quantity indicated for the weight you want your dog to be, not the weight she is.
    Good luck!

  4. jackie says

    If shes still over weight then too much. First you need to use a measuring cup to see exactly how much shes getting, then cut it back. You can also call your vet and ask for a diet food.

    Regular stores do carry them but they are only 30% less calories, yet a vet perscription diet will be 50-70% less calories.

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