How much space and exercise does a Newfoundland need?

someone: How much space and exercise does a Newfoundland dog need?
I am interested in getting a Newfoundland dog, but they are really big…. I live in a house in a big city with a city-sized backyard. I do have a cottage and there are many parks in the area…. how much space and exercise would a Newfoundland need?

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Answer by briandwales
as much as possilbe

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  1. Kaila Everest says

    If you are serious about getting a newfoundland, I suggest you check out the forum. You will find answers to any newf question you could possibly have. There are hundreds of very experienced and helpful newfie owners and breeders on the forum. I am owned by two newfs myself and have learned so much from the group.

  2. Annie says

    I had a newf in a small apartment. As long as you get out for long walks (I walked for 45 minutes AM and PM every day without fail) all was well. They are good apartment dogs, as they hold down the floor very well. As pups they can be rambunctious. Just remember — LIMIT STEPS! On lead up and down stairs until 18 months of age.

  3. SunneeOne w says

    BYB and Rotten are correct.

    Please thoroughly research every avenue and talk to breeders about this breed of dog.
    Do not take it lightly.

    They need tons of exercise, you will need to brush and comb them daily…and I mean daily.

    And they do drool…. a lot!

  4. Rotten Rotts Lets Re says

    Actually a well bred Newfie are typically very laid back and do well in houses as long as you can give them plenty of exercise and mental stimulation and training. However keep in mind that the drool and then there is the shedding issue. They need to be brushed almost daily and there is no cure from the slinging drool all over everything

  5. Gemstone says

    I agree with byb, personally i dont think they city house is suitable as they are bouncy, energetic dogs that will be hyper indoors or out!

  6. BYB's Have Gian says

    If you buy a properly bred dog and can provide a good amount of work for the dog, then they can live just about anywhere.

    However, the commitment to exercise must be serious and adhered to. There's no "It's too wet/cold out" for a Newf. And in summer, early morning exercise will be mandatory.

    The exercise demands will vary based on the individual dog, but I'd expect to commit 1-2 hours daily on working a dog in this situation. can give you more information and breeders you can contact to see if your living arragements are doable.

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