How much should a 6 month old Pug puppy weigh?

carlylynnh: How much should a 6 month old Pug weigh?
I feel like my Pug isnt as big as she should be. She is a 6mo old black female Pug. Shes probably 8-9 pounds right now and her body is real lean.

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Answer by Al
Get her up to 10 pounds at least.

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  1. LeeD says

    According to breed standards a female Pug should be 13-18 pounds when full grown so yours doesn't sound to far off considering that dogs don't reach their full size until about 1 year of age. I think you also have to go by the parents – if they were really small then your pug will probably be small too.

  2. Zak says

    She’s still a puppy, my Pug is a male and is 4, he weighs 20 pounds.

    Mine is also very lean, do you feed her dry or wet food?

    Wet food can help pack on the poundage, lol. Just don’t let her get to fat lol!!

    She could also be a runt which would make her naturally smaller.

  3. Newlywed says

    Different dogs definitely grow at different times, but my pug was about 15 lbs when he was 6 months. As long as your dog is eating regularly and her ribs aren't showing, she is probably doing just fine.

  4. cv says

    i think that weight is fine, if u can see rib then too thin, if can not feel the ribs too fat. pug should be thin as usally have problem breathing

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