How much food should a golden retriever dog get?

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gdogbert2: How much food should a golden retriever be getting?
Golden Retriever
9 years old
Fed Iam’s Senior/Weight Control
What alternative snack do they like that are healthy, so to satisfy my dad and grandmother who evidently MUST give treats… sigh

I want to start feeding him in smaller portions, multiple times a day if necessary in hopes to trick him that he’s full, but ultimately cutting down the overall amount. And also to help solve the problem that my dad MUST feed him every time he goes near his bowl. Is this a good idea?

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Answer by durdenslabs
What you do is give him the amount that he needs to maintain his “ideal” weight. Find out from your vet how much he should weigh, then go by the recomended feeding listed on the food.
Our female Lab was overweight at one point by about 7 lbs. We cut her food down to 2 – 2 1/2 cups a day (once in the morning) with a couple of dog bone treats during the afternoon.
Tell your dad to stop feeding him every time he’s near the food bowl. THat’s why the dog is overweight in the first place.
Take him out to exercise more and give less food (as stated above).
They can give him regular dog treats or even plain yogurt if they have to – but only in small amounts.

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  1. ♥Golden gal&h says

    I feed my Golden's baby carrots for a low fat low cal. treat! also Celery with the strings removed. You can also mix green beans cooked in with his food it will make him feel fuller and it will reduce the calories. I feed my guys here 2 times a day. Morning and evenings!

    Personally I would look for a better dog food to begin with. Iam anything I think is junk!
    Look at Canidae Silver or Wellness weight management! Much better foods so you feed less to begin with! Excersie will help a lot too. Walks several times a day will help get the weght off! After winter some dogs will naturally put weight on. I always cut my Golden's food back in the winter months they just dont get the excersise they do when the weather is nicer!
    Do not allow anyone to feed the dog unless it is a regular feeding time. If someone must give the dog something then reach for the carrots or the green beans. No high cal. or fat snacks at all. No people foods! No crackers, chips, peanutbutter either. All high in fat and starch!
    It would be to your Golden advantage to slim down to take weight off it's joints!

    I wish you luck!

  2. heather h says

    DO NOT! let anyone eles feed him but you. and on the back of my dog food bag it shows how much you should give ur dog. it has pictures of the size/weight of what ur dog should be. then it tells you how much to give them. i think for a golden retreiver they are suposed to be fed 3 times a day. a dog thats overweight its 10 times harder on them then it is a person who is overwaight ex. being 10lbs. overweight to a person is like being 20lbs. overweight to a dog. keep that in mind. oh and when you feed him cut back on his portions.

    hope this helps and good luck <3

  3. triphazard99 says

    Multiple feeds would be a great way around this – just weigh out his daily portion according to the guideline recommendations (and allowing for the fact that you want him to gradually lose weight) and make it clear to your family that this is all he gets. It might help to point out that you are doing this so you have longer with your dog, and he will have a happier life too.

    As for treats, if he's on dry food, you could allocate a portion of that to be given as ad hoc treats.. he won't mind! Rawhide chews are not only low in calories, but they will do his teeth and gums good too.

    Be firm – and explain to your family exactly why you are doing this – and good luck!

  4. Apacapacas says

    I also have a 9 year old golden retriever, and I give him 3/4 of a cup of kibble in the morning and 3/4 cup of kibble at night.

    For treats, I give him frozen green beans and frozen broccoli. These two vegetables don't add anything to his diet, because dogs can't digest plant matter. It just goes right through them.

    If your dad MUST feed the dog constantly, ask him to feed the frozen green beans or broccoli. Anything else will make your dog gain weight now that he's getting to be a senior dog and will start slowing down.

    Good luck!

  5. ??? says

    i would give it a half a cup in the morning and a half a cup at night if thats to small dont give him/her more than 2 cups a day

  6. laaron0711 says

    For my big lab/retriever/rotty mix we were told to only give her and my smaller beagle mix one bowl of food a day so that they would lose weight and they already look much better. If the dog is food bowl aggressive it wont stop eating but one big meal a day usually late during the day is much better than multiple meals a day and healthier for them too. Feeding them at night will help them burn off calories during the day and will usually help them sleep. Hope I helped.

  7. Emily13 says

    Yes you can feed multiple times a day providing you only feed the required daily amount for your dog.
    Treats you could feed are IAMS or Eukanauba light. (These are the same companies)
    Keep in mind if he gets these treats u need to cut down the amount of normal dry food you feed.

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