How much does a purebred border collie roughly cost?

Cal D: How much does a purebred border collie cost?
I am sure there is quite a large range depending on pedigree and all that stuff. But breeders online seem very wary of listing prices. If anyone has bought a border collie perhaps you can share your experience with the cost. Thanks!

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Answer by conantherat
five million clams

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  1. icycloud says

    for showing and conformation line border collies: 1000-2000

    for sporting line border collies: 700-1500

    for working line border collies: 500-800

    Although the showing line border collies are the most expensive, that does NOT mean that they are the best, in fact they are the worst. They do nothing for the better of the breed and all the AKC breeds for is barbie dogs that can't herd sheep like a true working border collie can. It isn't too hard to prance around in a ring with over fluffy coats to earn worthless titles so that they can over price their puppies. Please support ABCA and their working border collies.

  2. Charlotte K says

    If you get a border collie from "working" lines 250-500 non-registered. If you get one from an American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club registered breeder who shows their dogs in conformation, then you would be paying at least 700. First and for most Border collies are prized for their working abilities,so as long as they are healthy and well socialized I wouldnt worry about looks.
    Take care

  3. lilcslilhottie says

    it depends on the breeder plus the colors as well and females cost more then males so im guessing 350 for males and 450 for females

  4. animalsrme says

    I paid $ 500.00 for my Border Collie, however, that was 12 years ago. I have not looked at prices in quit sometime. I am assuming you have researched the breed and know what you are getting yourself into as this is not a breed for everyone. I am sure if you check
    you may be able to find a BC Rescue that would be more than happy to place a dog. Good Luck to you.

  5. Ally Cat says

    I would say around $ 200 for a well bred one.

    Watch out border collies are super hyper!

    Mine was free, someone just dropped her off with all of her papers outside of a petsmart during an adoption day…when my dad asked how much for her they just have her to him.
    She must have some brain damage or something, because she is the dumbest dog I've ever met…we love her to death though.

  6. crusher88 says

    depending on where you get it. if i were you i would check out they have plenty of full bred border collies that need homes. they are a lot less expensive too. probably around 50 to 200 dollars. the dog will thank you for rescuing it. trust me.

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