How much do mini doberman pinscher dogs usually cost?

mcdlcmlds: How much do mini doberman pinschers usually cost?
I know someone who is looking into buying one, but have to convince their parents. Does anyone out there have a rough estimate at how much a mini doberman pinscher would cost?
sorry, i know hardly anything about dogs. the guy just said that they were callled that and thats why i wrote it, sorrryyyy
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Answer by JenVT
they are called miniature pinschers (not miniature dobermans). a well bred one from a reputable breeder can run upwards of $ 1000.

Answer by oregano13

There is no such thing as a Miniature Doberman Pinscher.  There are Miniature Pinschers (often called Min Pins for short), which are what I am assuming you are talking about, which are NOT related to the Doberman Pinscher and are actually a much older breed.  For a well-bred puppy from a reputable breeder, expect to spend probably upwards of $ 1000.  They can be adopted much more inexpensively from shelters and rescues- there are a lot of breed specific rescues for Min Pins out there because they tend to be ‘difficult’ dogs.  They were originally semi-feral rodent control on farms, so are fiercely independent, very headstrong, extremely high energy, and can be very difficult to train as well as having a tendency to be nippy and vocal.

Answer by ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie

there’s no such thing as a “Mini Doberman Pincsher”

There are Mini Pinschers…  but they are not related to the doberman.  They are actually a type of terrier that’s been around long before the doberman was created.  They were called Min Pins because they resembled a small version of the German Pinscher.

From a reputable breeder, I’d expect to pay $ 800-1200 and up for a pet quality.

Around $ 300 or less thru shelter or rescue.

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  1. wollam43 says

    A well-bred purebred will cost somewhere around $ 800 to $ 1500. Make sure a min-pin (NOT a mini doberman, the miniature pinscher is a completely different breed!) is the right breed for the family to avoid disappointment later. If this family decides to get a min-pin, DON'T bargain shop! You often get what you pay for in illness, genetic and behavior problems, etc. Breed rescue groups often have really nice dogs of all ages. These will have been health-checked, vaccinated, neutered and temperment tested. The adoption fees are often less than $ 200. All my dogs are rescues (as are my cats and reptiles) and "secondhand" doesn't mean "second-rate!"

  2. JP says

    call your shelter or humane society. They will be the cheapest, or they can recommend a Min Pin rescue group in your area. Has your friend looked into the personalities of this breed? It would make a better argument with her parents if she did alittle research.

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