How much do Irish Wolfhounds normally cost?

is_love_home: How much do Irish Wolfhounds cost?
I think Irish Wolfhounds are a beautiful breed of dog, And i was just wondering how much they cost as a puppy of around 6-8 weeks old.

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Answer by Napalm84
expect to pay a lot for a clean breed of dog. around 1K

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  1. Elena says

    They certainly are adorable dogs, despite their massive size. You should e-mail or call a few breeders, if not meet a few, and take a look at their dogs. They can tell you the upsides, downsides and what it's like living with HUGE dogs. Remember they are not for everyone!

    A reputable breeder will never sell a puppy before 8 weeks of age. Most will sell at 8 weeks but with certain breeds, it's best to leave them until 10 weeks old. A puppy from a reputable and registered breeder will cost $ 1,800 for pet and usually over $ 2,500 for show quality.

  2. vahl0426 says

    They are beautiful dogs, but they aren't for everyone. I would suggest visiting a breeder and finding out the pros and cons of being the owner of such a dog…they will tell you the truth and then you can decide if they're really for you.

    I would recommend getting a puppy from 8-9 weeks old, the longer they're with their mother, the more they learn and the more they're socialized with the rest of the litter :)

    good luck!

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