How much can I sell purebred no papers Pittbull puppies for?

pit bull lover: How much can I sell pure bred Pitt bull puppies for with no papers?
I don't have papers on my 2 pure bred Pitt bulls. They had puppies, how much should I sell them for?

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Answer by ninjaaa!
How do you know they are purebred if you don't have papers for them? Your breeder told you? If your breeder tells you that your dog is purebred without showing you his or her pedigree and the registration papers of your dog's parents, that breeder is an irresponsible breeder. Likewise, if you sell these pups as purebred dogs when you don't have papers on their parents or a pedigree, you are an irresponsible breeder.

Basically: If they don't have papers, you can't prove that they are purebred. If you can't prove they are purebred, you have to sell them as mutts. Not more than $ 100 per pup.

If you were irresponsible enough to bring these pups into the world, then at least start being responsible now.

Each puppy sold should be sold as a mixed breed dog and not a purebred. If you can get hold of an AKC registration form and a correct, signed pedigree for each pup, you can sell them as purebreds. A health record of immunization and parasite control, as well as a feeding regimen should be written out and also verbally explained to every buyer.

Carry out screening interviews on each buyer to ascertain the facilities available at the dog's new home. Ask about whether the whole family wants a dog, who is going to be responsible for what, where will it sleep, how much exercise will you give it, etc. Do not sell if you get inappropriate answers.

Then, be sure to follow up on every puppies placed for at least the first year, and should be willing to help place the puppy in another home if the original buyer is unable to keep it.

Answer by alex
to answer your question unlike most of the other people who seem to just want to complain about what you do u can get about 150 dollars and do it quickly. please do try to be sure they go to a good home and to all the people that say to fix your dog screw yall if you want to cut your junk off thats your decision u have no rite to decide that for your dog. you should just be able to pay enough attention to your dog to keep it from mating. how would you feel if some one just out of the blue drove you to a strange pace with strange people and put you to sleep and then when you woke up had nothing but a scar where your junk was. think about that before you go running your mouth again.and the reason so many pits r in the shelters is because of PEOPLE remember that it is not the dogs fault. i do believe that you should find at least ten responsible people who r willing to put the time and effort into loving a pitbull before breeding so that you wont have the problem of finding homes for them. there r those still out there with enogh love in them to accept a puppie you just have to put in the effort to find them. i wish you and your pitbulls the best of luck.

Answer by lilpitbullLover
not everyone has the money for papers or like what happened to my pit during birth they die so how would you get papers on a pit showing full breed if they are dead…. ? Oh wait you can't so stop being ignorant about it. Mine was a Tennessee red nose pit, for all those who do not know what that is, it is a pit that is not commonly breed and when they are they are hard to come by. You can sell them for more than $150 a pup if the person is willing to buy them and these "pit bulls" that the shelters get are not full breeds they are mixed and have aggression problems or problems with children because of abuse or lack of care ect. maybe instead of staying on here all the time and saying this or that go to a vet and get the right answers.

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