How much an akbash puppy cost?

Tori R: How much is a akbash puppy?

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Answer by Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone?
A rare and hard to find breed – you’ll be lucky to find one that’s under a grand.

ETA: There are exactly two kennels listed with the UKC for this breed and 3 with the breed club.

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  1. mama woof says

    Do you mean one of these?

    I paid $ 850 for him when he was a puppy. He is almost 100lbs now, and very "focused". He is still young, under a year old. I got him from a goat breeder I know. He was drinking goat milk from the kids' bottles in that first picture. He still drinks their leftover milk after we feed the kids, but we can't hold him in our arms any longer.
    Believe me there are more than three breeders with the breed. They aren't that hard to find. That might be all that are advertising them, but many people have them. Just go to a few goat shows, and ask around. They are easy to find if you look in areas where people use flock guardians.

    This pictures below are simply great pyrenees. See how they have more hair? They are more widespread too. My pyr females below cost less than the male akbash pictured above. And they have softer personalities, as well as softer, fuzzier coats. I also have an older pyrenees male, but didn't find a good picture of him for you.

    If you are looking for a less expensive alternative breed, try a marema, pyrenees, or anatolian. You can get all of them in white, although I like the Mountain Colored pyrs too like my Meki. The AKC frowns on too much coloring in the breed, but they do come in all colors from other parts of the world.
    Maremas are easily found near the Canadian border area. Anatolians are a bit more difficult to find in white, but it is possible to find them if you keep looking. Akbash and Anatolians both have more focused drive than pyrenees.

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