How much a miniature red poodle puppy costs?

Technoronicjonic: How much would a miniature red poodle puppy cost?
Coming from a responsible breeder, what would the price be for a miniature red poodle puppy. My family is considering one and we would like to know the overall price of the dog. Thank you for your time.

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Answer by DP
You could call Responsible poodle breeders and ask them yourself.

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  1. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie says

    For a pet quality, I would expect to pay somewhere around $ 800-1200 from a reputable breeder. If you think that seems high, do consider that you are buying from a breeder who puts a lot of money and effort into her dogs. Included in that price comes a health guarantee, as the breeder does genetic health testing.. and also fair predictability that the dog will have the traits that a poodle is suppossed to have (dogs from irresponsible breeders often do not fit the standard very well, I have seen people ask if their dog was a purebred or not because it just didnt really look like its breed).

    A good breeder is also familiar with her dog's pedigrees and can give you abit of information, and also tell you what she expects the pup to be like as an adult.

  2. ♥s my kitty says

    well make sure they dont have a knee problem or hip problem. Even responsible breeders may have a puppy with that problem, because it is genetic in poodles. I got a puppy from a shelter which was supposed to be a red poodle (he is really cute now but he isnt red) and he has a sliding knee cap and now he is one and it is going to cost 1400 to fix his knees. So make sure they dont have that problem and you cant tell from looks.

    Poodles generally sell from breeder 1000 (which i found is rare) to 2000 (normally for the fake teacup kinds that dont exist)

    So 1500 is the average price. To buy the dog not to supply it with food toys toys and more toys. And beds and crate and vet bills and shots and neutering.

    But good luck and have fun =]

  3. Julie G says

    Unless you want a dog to enter into breed championships (one of the very few reasons I justify someone from buying from a breeder), please go to a shelter and save a life. It is a lot cheaper and you will be saving a dog from a lifetime of misery.

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