How much a full blood red nose pitbull cost?

tonya_m_sims: How much would you pay for a full blood red nose pitbull?
my pitbull just had puppies 3 days ago ans when they come of age i want to sell them but im not shure what they will sell for i do no that they are not cheep.
full blood pitbull puppy
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Answer by darleyjr
Be careful who you sell your puppies to. Many people raise pit bulls for fighting.

Answer by Em
I would pay however much the adoption fee at the animal shelter is…which is probably wher those puppies will end up if they aren't fought to death or chained outside for the rest of their life.

Answer by brian smith 08
around 500 .before selling make sure that they had no animal police records for fighting dogs

Answer by bulldogges_4_me

Here we go again with another back yard breeder. Personally, I would not buy for a pit bull from a BYB.Do you have ANY idea how many dogs ESPECIALLY pit bulls DIE EVERYDAY in shelters, and at the hands of cruel owners? Please screen the homes that you put those babies in !!!

Answer by kag
theres just as many labs and muts in the damn shelter as there a pit bulls retard. if we went buy your logic then nobody should have dogs because all they do with them is chain them up. ur retarded. i have 2 pits and they sleep in my room and in my sons room. I also have a shit ton of friends who own pit bulls and non of them are chained to a porch. u wana bitch about dog owners go yell at all the hound dog owners that only use there dog to hunt 1 or twice a year and the rest of the time there in a cage.

u dick heads just autmaticly assume this was a back yard breeder…. could have been at a bbq and the dogs were playin and one got screwd. with no intention of breeding. now this person is asking for information to get rid of the dogs for a fair price. most people who have the money to pay for a paperd pit bullis a much better chance they have the means to take care of it. why give a dog to a broke person u cant afford to own it. makes no sense.

Answer by krunked_mnky420
I would rescue 1 from the shelter. Our shelter currently has about 5-6 pits that need homes. 2 are rednoses!

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  1. getagrip says

    I would never pay money for a dog when there are so many being killed because nobody will give them a good home.

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