How much a chihuahua weighs?

Heather J: How much should a chihuahua weigh?
I have a 4 month old chihuahua. I was just wondering how big she will get. i dont want her to get to big but I would rather her be healthy. I heard that however much they weigh on the 3rd month you double that to get their full grown weight. She weighed a little over 4 pounds a few weeks ago. I've looked on a lot of websites and they say that a normal chihuahua should weigh about 5lbs when they are full grown. Is my dog gonna be big?

YES...I did do my homwork. The Vet said she'll probably be about 7 pounds. But if you ouble month 3 she would weigh about 9. I got her because I wanted a small dog. I really dont want her to get 10 lbs!

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Answer by answergiver
6-9 pounds didnt you do your homework when getting her she is fine

Answer by Kiki

She will be about 7 lbs.

Check here :

Answer by Rear M.

I highly recommend the link above ( for the Chihuahua weight chart that is very useful. It's really a great guide to estimate a mature weight of a puppy. As this website says, the weight may vary depending on the bloodline, genetics, feeding, etc. Your Chihuahua may weigh more or less than it's ideal weight depending on its diet, and if it becomes obese, or not.  The website also says that the weight estimates before the age of 8 weeks old are usually inaccurate,  because the puppy is still nursing or being weaned, and may be heavier due to fat from its mother's rich milk. This weight chart only works with purebred Chihuahuas and a breeder that is knowledgeable about their bloodline .

The Chihuahua weight chart is copyrighted by Colonel V. D'Oyly Hammer, and it's taken from the book called "The Complete Chihuahua Encyclopedia" by Hilary Harmar, published in 1972. It's difficult for me to recommend the book itself because it's now quite rare and expensive. It's still possible to buy The Complete Chihuahua Encyclopedia on Amazon anyway. I agree to one of the customers who says "This is by far the best book ever written on the breed. If I only can own one book this is the book I would buy. The book has 28 chapters 371 pages.I wish this would go back in print. Discusses the history, who's who in the fancy, buying puppy, breeding, genetics, standard, training, showing, grooming."

Answer by Kooky_Cowgirl

Between 5-10lbs. This is a REALLY small breed.

Answer by Taylor

My Chihuahua is 4 months and already over 6 lbs. The vet said she is a good weight for her height. Stop freaking out… You should love her the same no matter her height. 9lbs is not even big!
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