How many times a year do dogs shed their fur?

Andy: How many times do dogs shed their fur a year?
What times of the year do dogs shed their fur, because I had my dog’s dead hairs removed, but the hair a few weeks later started to fall again, now even more then the last time.

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Answer by danlaxton
My Border Collies Shed constantly.

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  1. Tim M says

    all dogs are different go to and search your dogs breed then look at grooming if that does not help go to the vet

  2. beaglersonthego says

    I have a Beagle and he looses small amounts of hair from time to time. But in the Spring and Fall he sheds large amounts of hair. More or less it depends on the breed of the dog and how much they shed.

  3. me says

    Wild dogs outside all the time shed in the warmer weather. But an inside dog will shed year round – of course it's worse in the summer unless your keep your house over normal temp. Grooming won't stop the shedding but it will let you control the hair in the house.

  4. pierced_chick123 says

    Most dogs shed all year round and have two heavy shedding a year..usually one in the fall and one in the spring. They can last a few weeks at a time when they have their heavy shedding.

    As dogs ages their heavy shedding can change…my older dog now sheds in the middle of winter and the middle of summer.

  5. Courage says

    It depends on the breed and gender.

    Some dogs blow their coats in the fall and spring. Others every season. Some dogs, if you brush them, their coats will fall out within a week or two. And females tend to shed more than males.

    Doublecoated breeds like Australian Shepherds and Collies are notorious for shedding year round (especially the females. That's why Lassie was a male. His coat didn't change from day to day.)

    Dogs like Corgis shed continually it seems, at least that's what a lot of owners have told me.

    Huskies tend to shed twice a year, but when they shed MAN do they shed!

    It all depends on the type of coat and breed and gender.

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