How many times a day should a 12 week old pug puppy poo?

Omlett: How many times should a 12 wk old pug puppy poo?
My pug puppy is 12 weeks old (5 lbs) and eats a 1/4 cup premium puppy food twice per day. Approximately how many times should this little guy have to poo each day? (I know there’s no exact science to this, but want to know an approximate amount) How much should he have to poo as an adult?

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Answer by Zoz
3 times a day u can walk him ,,,,,( better if u did this after each meal ) ,,3 or 4 times a day is great ,,,when he is 6 months its gonna be 2 times only

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  1. beagle_owner says

    That is based on how is digestive system is set up, you could walk him and he not even go. Based on what you have said I would say 3-5, but it really depends on his own digestive system and body.

  2. tom l says

    Only when it needs to.
    Every dog will decide when and how often according to it's individual needs, not some arbitrary schedule set by some fool that thinks it should.

  3. melissa k says

    As a pup, expect four or five times, perhaps even more. As an adult, he'll probably poop a couple times a day.

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