How many puppies does a pekingese dog have normally?

kjathena1: how many puppies does a pekingese normally have?

Misa M
I’d love to answer your question however the only peke I’ve ever been around is my Allie that I found abandoned and spent over $ 2000.00 and 2 years nursing to health. She is the sweetest and best behaved dog I have ever met.

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Answer by Mary J
None if you get her fixed.

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  1. anne b says

    I also have a question for you. How do you think your dog ended up abandoned anyway? Irresponsible breeding, perhaps?
    Why would even consider repeating that error?

  2. Tryniti says

    Too many. Get a puppy from a shelter. There are tens of thousand of little puppies, sitting in tiny cages waiting for homes, and losing the hope that they might get one each time someone like you thinks about breeding.

  3. BYB's kill dogs says

    Didn't you ask a BYB question yesterday? I seem to remember that. I don't remember specifics, but you must not have liked your answers or you wouuldn't have deleted it.

    0-8 is the answer.

    But get your dogs fixed. The world doesn't need more pet quality dogs running around. It would be IMMORAL UNETHICAL and IRRESONSIBLE to breed your dog. It would make you a very bad person.

  4. karen c says

    Please be aware that due to their disproportionately wide heads, Pekingese most often have puppies by Ceasarean section, a surgical procedure which is very costly (usuallly between 2-$ 3,000). So if you're thinking of breeding and wondering how much money you can make off your girl, make sure you factor that in.

  5. Misa M says

    Maybe you can answer my question : why is it that so many Pekes have got such behavior problems? Is it genetic? Since you're clearly such an experienced, knowledgeable breeder, please answer me!

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