How many puppies can a female pitbull have?

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Nick: How many puppies can a female pitbull have after her first litter?
Because my uncles female pitbull give birth to 4 pups in the first litter so now shes heated now and my uncle was like either going to breed her with a friends pitbull but he was like if theres more that 4 or 6 then not going to breed it unless the friend wants the other half of the litter but idk i want to know how much puppies will they give birth after the first litter of 4?

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Answer by ArtAplemitz(apbt own

theres no guarantee to the amount shell have my first time breeding bred 9 the second 11, i rested mine for 3 years inbetween and kept 7 pups in total….i think if your breeding for financial gain its wrong and the its the animals that will suffer in the end pitbulls are very labour intensive so if ur not doing it as a serious hobby with mind to keep most …..stop now and find a more suitable past time.

Answer by Necia

I think it is bullsh*t that people run pitbulls into the groud per say. Let me tell you something. My female is the most passive dog I have ever met. She is sooooo sweet and cuddly. It is NOT the breed of the dog because there are other dogs out there that are just as mean if not meaner then pits. I got attacked by a german shepard….Does anyone run them into the ground? Nope! I also got attacked by a pitbull but that didn't stop me from getting one myself. She is not pregnant and going to be having babies and I am not stopping it. I couldn;t stop our lab/pit mix from getting her and I am not going to not love these puppies because people think I shouldn't breed my dog! Oh well! Get over it! Open your eyes…It is not the breed it is the g*d da*m owners who make a dog mean. Just a like a cock fight…You don;t see people running cocks into the ground do yah? Nope! So whoever thinks pitbulls should be banned can KMFA because I happen to love pits and again it is not a dogs breed that makes them bad it is the fuc*ing owners. So cage the owners make the owners fight till the death see how the hell they feel! Thanx!

Aurora Mae is my princess female red nose/blue nose pitbull!

Answer by prock

no dout!

Answer by ♥ APBT♥ @ Athletic Allstars ®

BYBers...I tell ya.

Thats a shame...Pit Bulls are the number one dogs found in shelters and the number one dog breed euthanized/killed in shelters due to BSL and low reclaim...Shame...

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  1. JenVT says

    as many as she has eggs available to fertilize. there is not guarantee one way or the other. hopefully he is not breeding back to back heats- giving her a break in between. if he doesn't want the responsibility of ALL the pups then he should not breed her, because all the pups need to be with the mother for the first 8 weeks of life.

  2. LilCsLilHottie says

    well my friend used to breed n raise pitbulls ... his pitbulls would have 16 per litter it just depends really.... she might never had large litter

  3. melissa s says

    okay nick here we go.
    unless you uncle is showing the dog, he has no business breeding. He is the reason that BSL's run rampant in this country. Go Congratulate him.
    Second, Pitbulls are known for large the fact that she has only 4 the first time. he got lucky.
    Don't count on small litters and he should probably have homes before he breeds. Just a thought.

    That is what responsible Pitbull breeders do but then again, I doubt he is one. Sorry if this is offensive but I am a Pitbull owner and lover and I am so sick of trying to stop Breed Specific Legislation when people like your uncle probably could care less.
    Check out Denver, Darn near the whole state of Ohio and several others.
    sign up for the BSL alerts on Yahoo to see why people like me get so angry at people like him.

  4. $arah(APBT owner x6) says

    they have 20 the second litter.....might as well get her spayed.

    Darn! 14 less and he could have bred some more byb mutts....what a shame.

  5. Sara says

    Learn to spell and type properly first. Second you and your uncle have no business breeding her! She could end up having the same amount or less, its hard to say. Just because she already had 1 litter does not mean she will have more

  6. CanineCapers says

    First litters are generally smaller than subsequent litters. She could have a dozen this time. Be sure you are prepared to care for them all!!!!

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