How many litters can a Miniature Pinscher dog have?

meomy: How many litters can a Miniature Pinscher have?
A friend said Min Pins will die after thier 5th or 6th litter. Is this true? How old is too old for them to have puppies?
I just got an older Min Pin who has been retired from breeding and she's now a wonderful companion for me. I was just curious if this odd "fact" my friend told me was true. It seemed strange but then again, who knows!

Miniature Pinscher puppies photo
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Answer by cashew
Instead of doing a nifty science experiment, lets spay the dog!

Answer by karen c
In most circumstances, a responsible breeder will allow only 2 litters, in rare circumstances, 3. Any more in hard on the dog's health and unnecessary.

In addition, as a dog should only be bred to improve upon the breed, if she hasn't done so in 2 litters then she isn't contributing to the gene pool in a beneficial way anyway, so why breed her again? If her progeny have been exceptional in conformation, health and temperament, some breeders will try a third time.

After that, she has earned her peace so she is spayed.

First litters should never be after 4 years old, and only the healthiest dog should have a litter at 7.

Even though Toy dogs live a long time, they have small bodies and small reserves, so they should not be bred into old age.

Answer by Taydn
I have a 2 year old min pin already past her 4 liter going on to her 5 so is still very healthy we feed her good and treat her well I'd you are breeding min pins you have nothing to worry about with the amount of litters she's retiring after the 5th liter

Answer by michelle in reply to Taydn
stop it! poor little thing.

Answer by yukidomari
No dog should have to carry 5 or 6 pregnancies. .. I would imagine it would not only be dangerous but also very stupid and irresponsible of the breeder to do so. Even with the best champion quality dogs, they should preferably only be bred at the very most 3 times.

Our minpin's breeder will only let her champion girls have 2 litters at the very most. Some CH. dogs she doesn't breed at all. A pet quality dog should NEVER have any litters. SPAY them instead – there are already too many pet quality dogs, purebreds included.

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  1. bassetnut says

    A good breeder would not allow their dog to have more than three litters MAX.

    It is generally recommended to retire a dog from breeding by it's 7th birthday.

  2. Ang says

    It all depends
    1) how many health test have been done
    2) how many health tests were passed....
    3) what titles has this dog won

    if you can't answer the above... the # of litters is none!

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