How many litters can a bulldog have a year?

angel_rat_83: How many litters can a bulldog have a year? 
How many litters can a bulldog have a year? Also, how many times can a bulldog go through a c section? Are they a good dog to breed?

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Answer by refuse2lose_2006
liters what is your dog a coke machine

Answer by grr.

If you plan on forcing any dog throught that, you are cruel and dont deserve to take care of a dog. Dont force her into having 7 litters of puppies, be happy with your own dog and encourage others to adopt homeless dogs and puppies. You are an enormous jerk for trying to make money off a dog's suffering while hundreds of other dogs are being killed everyday. So give your dog the love she deserves and dont be an idiot.

Answer by concerned

Are you asking about an English Bulldog or a French Bulldog maybe some other bully breed? Some dogs come in season twice a year but somehow I doubt many English Bulls do. I would not recommend breeding back to back but there is recent differing medical opinions on that. If your really interested in breeding, do your research and start out with something nice and as health clear as possible. But also go to Pet-Law, a yahoo group, just look it up. Read the achieves, the Animal Rightists are trying to end all home breeding and in fact pets, so it might be a good idea to have an understanding of what could happen in the near future before you begin. It might be nice if everyone understood what was going on and started to protect our ability to keep pets and show dogs too.

Answer by iluvmyfrenchbulldogs

They are EXTREMELY hard and expensive to breed. A female should not have a litter more than once and year due to the stress of the c-section (which they have to have), and should not be bred more than 3 times in their lives. Just FYI: I bred my French Bulldogs last fall, and I had over $ 1500 in the litter in just vet bills by the day that they were born, and she only had 4. Bulldogs have to be artificially inseminated and have to have c-sections, and they usually do not have more than 6-8 puppies. It is also hard to find good breed stock to start with.

Answer by walkinglady

A bulldog, like every other breed, should have a MAXIMUM of 1 litter every second year and never more than 3 litters in a lifetime. They are the most expensive breed going due to needing AI, C-sections, plus the myriad of health tests that need to be performed before you even consider breeding.

Since you had to ask the question, no they are not a good dog to breed!


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  1. Not as bored as you says

    I'll be sure to never ask a question on here.

    Ever heard the story about the boy who lost his dog while in Maui? Yeah, he came back home to new York and blamed the bum on the street!

    The bum looked at him dumbfounded then realized it was all because his daddy and mommy didn't love him enough and that was that.

    Moral of the story?

    People are all the same way you see yourself.... Yes, I'm talking to you that replied on here the first couple...

    Feeling a little lonely huh?

    All I need is this pack of and someone to make unhappy and I'm at home snugly and warm.

    Wow I love animals!




  2. sophylakes says

    you breed your dog ( providing it is show quality and has its championship.. and has passed all its health exams (HIIPS< ELBOWS< eyes etc.) you can only have these checked after the dog turns age 2,,,,,,, then you breed every other heat cycle,, I sugget you SPay your dog NOW

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