How many inches should Yorkie’s tail be after getting it docked?

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randizzle: How many inches should the tail of a Yorkie be after getting it docked?
My yorkie pup (6 months) is ready to get her tail docked. I just want to know, how short should the tail be (inches) to keep up with the Yorkie standard? Should it be left about 2 inches behind the butt?

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Answer by MamaBas
Yoiks. Docking should be done at only days old. What your dog is about to have, should you go ahead, is a tail amputation, with a general anaesthetic. Why bother!!! She’s 6 months now, and if this puppy were mine, rather than put her through all that, I’d leave her natural, as nature intended (much as I am for docking, for the customarily docked breeds, done at the right time and by a professional!!)

If she’s going to be spayed too, as she should be, surely that’s enough surgery for a youngster?

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  1. steve says

    IT should not be done at all ! it's not part of a breed standard, is illegal in many countries, is pointless and just wrong. Why mutilate a puppy? for what purpose do you wish to do it? please re consider, there is no need to do it, and inflicting pain and trauma to a little puppy will not help her to trust and bond with you.

  2. Moondog says

    Alarm bells are ringing very loudly here. Any vet who is prepared to amputate the tail of a 6 month old dog would know where to amputate. It's not measure in inches, it's measured by vertebrae. I don't know any ethical vet who would touch it.

    I wonder why you're asking us what size the tail should be. I know the answer but I certainly am not going to post the information here because I have a very bad feeling about this.

    This puppy is far too old to have this done. At this age it's a full amputation, not docking and she will suffer serious pain after the amputation. There is also the very real risk of infection that can kill her.

    I'm very surprised you've found a vet willing to do the amputation at this age. Tail docking takes place on or before day 3 of the pup's life. Not 6 months later. I know my vet would refuse to amputate a tail for any reason other than serious injury on a 6 month old puppy. Any vet that would do this to a 6 month old puppy is not a vet I would allow anywhere near my dogs.

    Leave the pup's tail as it is. She is obviously not a show dog or you wouldn't be asking this question. Plus you would know at least the very basics of tail docking and clearly, you know absolutely nothing. If you had spoken to a vet about this you would have some knowledge but you have none.

    ADD: You asked about this when your dog was 8 weeks old and then again when it was 3 months old. You said you want it to look like a show dog. An amputated tail will not make a back yard bred dog look like a show dog. It will look like a poorly bred dog with a dodgy amputation job done on its tail.

    You won't fool anyone who knows anything about dogs. In both previous questions you got the same advice as you did in this question.

    If you wanted a show quality dog you should have bypassed back yard breeders and bought a good quality dog from a reputable breeder. You didn't and now you want to put this poor little puppy through a painful amputation for reasons only known to yourself.

  3. Pamela D. says

    Your dog it way to old to be getting her tail docked. That is something that should have been done when she was 1-2 days old. Doing so a 6 months is sheer cruelty and abuse. And I for one can not believe any reputable vet would even think of doing so unless the dogs tail was broken.

  4. United Poultry Conce says

    The standard states that the tail should be docked to a medium length and carried slightly higher than the level of the back. But, you shouldn't dock a dog's tail at 6 months old. That is going to cause a lot of pain. It is very painful for newborn puppies, so I can't image how bad it would be for an older puppy. Just leave the tail the way it is.

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