How long should my american bulldog be fed puppy food?

Bulldogs are the best!: How long should my american bulldog be fed puppy food?
I own a 1 year old american bulldog mix. She just turned a year old on Dec. 1st. Should she stay on puppy food or should she start adult food. She weighs 50.3 pounds and I think she is done growing. I was told that some dogs have to stay on puppy food for two years.

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Answer by ♥Lap-Dog Lover♥ Happy Holidays!
You can switch her to the adult formula.

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  1. marci knows best says

    You were told wrong. You should have stopped feeding puppy food months ago. Puppy food promotes rapid growth which can cause joint and muscle problems in later life, especially for larger dogs. Toss the puppy food and feed the dog adult food now.

  2. Maxie is my Papillon says

    You should take her off of her puppy food around now, it seems like a good time to do so before it turns into a big issue where she doesn't want to let go off her puppy food.

  3. bluebonnetgranny says

    You can switch her to regular dog food now. Do it gradually by adding a little of the regular to her puppy chow for about a week before you switch her completely. If you all of a sudden change her food she will get diarrhea until her system can accept the change.

  4. Sara Jane says

    Dogs usually stop growing at the age of 2 BUT I would start the adult food. Puppy food should be fed for the first year as you have done and adult food there after until a senior. Puppy food is loaded with fat and protein to promote growth and weight gain. This is what the pup needs in the beginning but after that the food runs the risk of making him obese.

  5. I can't escape says

    Nope take her off the puppy food at this time. Slowly introduce the adult food and mix it in with the old. I have heard with giant to large breeds you should never feed puppy food because it can make them grow to large to fast and harm there bones and joints.

    I feed an all life stages food which IMO is the best.

    BTW Its american pit bull terrier or APBT not "pitt bull"

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