July 24, 2014

How long should diarrhea last after the change of food?

Question by Moo: How long should diarrhea last due to change of food?
I changed my dogs food and now she has diarrhea. I know this is normal due to food change, but how long should it last before I start to worry?

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Answer by Megan
About a few days or so. It shouldn’t take long for her system to get used to the new food. If it’s any longer than a week, I’d start worrying & take her to a vet.

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  1. You should always do a SLOW transition to a new food, at least a 6 week transition.

    Your dog may have diarrhea for several days. Make sure he drinks lots of water.

  2. hd112596 says:

    A few days. You should really do a slow switch versus just changing over in one day. This is easier on her system.

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