How long does it take to wean a dachshund puppy?

Hannah: How long does it take to ween a dachshund?
I am looking at a dachshund born on the 6th (January) and I am wondering if it will be weened by the 30th (jan.)

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Answer by Kimberly A
puppies shouldn’t be taken away from it’s mother until it is 8 weeks old. It will barely be 3 weeks old by then and will have just opened its eyes not that long ago. It won’t be ready till March 2nd.

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  1. Arcangel says

    Even if it was weaned by then…the puppies aren't supposed to leave the litter until at least 8 weeks old. It's not just about if the puppy can eat normal food. You also have to worry about behavioral issues. They learn alot from the rest of the litter in that amount of time. I wouldn't buy from anyone who is willing to get rid of the puppy before that amount of time has passed.

  2. paul b says

    The puppy should be at 4 weeks eating a mixture of mince and milk as well as still suckling from the mother I let the mother decide when she has suckled them enough. The minimum I would let a puppy go is 10 weeks

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