How long does it take to get AKC dog papers?

Panda: How long does it take to get AKC papers for your dog?
I got my dog from a breeder, and ive had her for about 3 weeks already, the lady said that she already sent in for the AKC papers (sorry i dont exactly know whats involved in getting those papers) and would mail them to us when she received them, but she still claims to not have them…is she pulling my leg? or does it really take that long?

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Answer by Yo LO!
It usually takes about a month.

Once you get them from the breeder, you’ll have to send them back to AKC to get yourself registered as the owner, which will take another month or so…

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  1. greg brown says

    Well i got a puppy and I still not have her paper yet and the guy I got her from he is tell me it will take up to a year for them…… and I just got done calling him he is tell me it will 4 more mouths to get them up to a year. I had her now 9mouths now still now paper what can I do to get them now????? Plz can sum one help me out sum

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