How long does a Teacup Chihuahua live?

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Princess Belle: Chihuahua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how long does a Teacup, Chihuahua live...
and how can you give them a healthy life?
should they be an only pet?
i will try not to step on it.....
and that makes sense. yeah, just gettign a chihuahua might be better how long do they live?
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Answer by Matthew D
they live same amount of time as gogs if you treat em well give them good food and yes only pet

Answer by Lisa C
Although words like "teacup", "pocket size", "tiny toy", "miniature", "Mandy" and "standard" have been used to describe different-sized Chihuahuas, the Chihuahua Club of America issued a statement stressing their concern regarding the common usage of such terms.
"Unfortunately, the additional adjectives used to describe the size differences and physical appearances are many and have been misused for so long they now seem legitimate. Teacup, Pocket Size, Tiny Toy, Miniature or Standard – are just a few of the many tags and labels that have been attached to this breed over the years. The Chihuahua Club of America is concerned that these terms may be used to entice prospective buyers into thinking that puppies described in this way are of greater monetary value. They are not and the use of these terms is incorrect and misleading."

The Chihuahua Club of America and the American Kennel Club only recognize two types of Chihuahuas: the Long-haired and the Short-haired Chihuahua.
If that's not enough for you, check out this link:
There is NO SUCH THING, except in the world of puppy mill breeders, and I breed and show rottweilers, so I DO know something about it.

Answer by ohhchihuahua
chihuahuas are so awesome. i have two chihuahuas and two bichon frises. its all good here. they dont need to be an only pet. chihuahuas are better with each other though, as my two stick together. they are the longest living dog breed, living for 15 – 20 years long! you should totally get one!

Answer by JAQUiTA1
you do know that there is no such thing as a TEACUP or TOY.
The dogs may look really small and cute, but they are actually runts in the litter.
They only live up to like a year.. or maybe less.
All my friends who had little dogs about that size, died within 7 months.
They are so frail and have many health problems.
chihuahua's are already pretty small; just get a chihuahua puppy.

Answer by Slide1over
Just take care of it, like with anything that live give it love, and alot of your time, but never, I repeat never give it food from your plate. It will never eat dog food again.
Trust me on that one.

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  1. tony says

    That's not true,I have a teacup or what you people refer to as a "runt" for three years going on four.we got her from a lady who had been breeding them and got sick of looking at them.they where all taken by one lady who didn't take care of them but one mine.she killed all hers mine is healthy as can be and not frail at all,she gives our daushound a run for his money

  2. hazeleyeslovesOBAMA says

    Hello, ANA, I have a 2 1/2 year old teacup chihuahua name Aries, he is only 3 pounds, very tiny!! They live to be about 14 years old . They are very fragile and need lots, and lots of attention all the time. The are very needy as fare as someone to love them and show it.Vitamins are good! Eukanuba Dog food is more expensive than most and is the best! vaNILLA yogurt id good for them as well. In the beginning stages, your pup will require lots of vet appointments, stay on top of them. Their bones are very fragile. It depend on how much time you have to have another pet! Chihuahua's are more needy than the average dig. Before you get one, be prepared to be a mommy and a best friend!!!!

    Best of luck

  3. muttly says

    I disagree with the post above. The word *teacup* is just a street name for *tiny*. There IS a such thing as TOY. If you had knowledge on purebred dogs you would realize that. Just because ONE person you knew had a sickly small dog that died young doesn't mean all small dogs die young. Chihuahuas in the showring are often 4 lbs or so. Breeding females (often not shown) are slightly larger. The giants 6, 7, 8 lbs are often sold as pets NOT be be bred.

  4. austinxx50 says

    they live the same length of time as other dogs dont over feed them and walk them every day not to much though and they should stay health , keep it inside besides little walks

  5. luz says

    all good questions to ask a vet. make sure she gets shots first and formost and yea id say she should be an only dog.
    p.s. dont step on it.

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