How long before a boxer dog gets his adult teeth?

Ian Mcgee: How long before a boxer gets his adult teeth?
I just got a 2 1/2 year old boxer and his back teeth are still very small. It seems like they are still just starting to poke out, it looks like just the tips of them are sticking out of his gums. Is it natural for him to still be teething? he loves chewing on his bone but he doesn’t chew anything else.

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Answer by spidermilk666
Those are adult teeth, that is just how they look. Dogs lose their puppies and get adult teeth around 3 months.

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  1. diesel and boo says

    Dogs generally have all their adult teeth by the time they are 6-7 months old. Any teeth left by 1 years old need to be removed by the vet.

    It's perfectly normal for him to have fairly small back teeth. Even if you look at human teeth, it seems that barely any of our molar is actually sticking out of our gums in comparison to our canine teeth. You should be taking him into the vet for a full check-up anyways as after 3 years old dogs start to have a lot of health issues (80% of dogs over 3 have oral health problems). It's best to take him in and get a thorough check and if, by chance, he has any baby teeth left the vet will let you know and schedule you in to get them taken out.

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