How long are english bulldogs pregnant for?

softball_but_im_not_a_softy_!!!!: how long are english bull dogs pregnant for?
We are planning on getting my 1 to 2 year old bull dog pregnant. Im extremely anxious. How long will she stay prego for-o?

bulldog getting pups
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Answer by Sarah S
63 days on average from time of breeding. Just remember because of there large heads english bulldogs are not nautral whelpers and require a c-section which is very costly were taking a few thousands so be prepaired for that.

Answer by Wolf Femme
Firstly — you don't even know the minimum age for a dog to be able to have a healthy litter of pups without mental damage to herself.
Secondly — get her registered, get her some titles, and get her health tests done [no, not "oh, she's been to the vet and they said she was fine for breeding"].
Third — get a breeding mentor and learn from them before you breed.
Fourth — if you don't want to do all of that, you have no place breeding your dog. it will likely result in both your dogs' and her pups' deaths.

Answer by Johnny- Cornelius&#0

63-65 days give or take. Also do you know that this dog will likely need a C- section? I hope you have the money to pay for that. But then again it will be much cheaper to spay the dog then to go through the hassle of delivery

Answer by Marie P
Geez. Another backyard breeder that doesn't have a friggin' clue about breeding.
Get your dog spayed. Your dog could die because of your irresponsibility and stupidity!

Answer by Jose
Wow… The nerve of ppl to give this person such a hard time for asking…. At least this person is doing the f'ing research… All breeders were rookies at one point…. Stop acting like its a gods gift to know how to breed.

Answer by Deona Wilson
I have 2 English Bullogs myself, and my 2 year old female is 63 days pregnant today. We choose not to show her, due to the fact that I have children who are actively involved in sports and academics, and I myself hold a full time job as well as a real estate license. Just because a person chooses not to show their dogs, does NOT mean they don’y have genetic clearances and/or should not be bred. You should get off your high horse and quit being such an elitist.

Answer by Usa
63-65 days

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  1. Rayven-Fried Sea Kit says

    She's either one or she's two which is it? You shouldn't even be thinking of BREEDING if you don't already know the answer to this.

    Get your dog spayed. If you are asking on here she isn't a show dog, doesn't have have any genetic clearances and do to your lack of knowledge will probably end up dead.

    ALL dogs are pregnant for the same length of time give or take a few days; 9 weeks.

    • says

      Dude you are a dick! Maybe they never breed before an I'm sure u weren't born breeding! And to say they don't need to breed, looks to me like you are too big of a ass to even own a dog!

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