How do you put a Yorkie dog up for stud service?

Poppy: How do you put a Yorkie up for stud service?
We have a male Yorkie that is about 5 years old, he has papers, is from champion bloodlines, and would of cost us around $ 1,000 but my husbands mom is the breeder so we got him for free. We were wondering how we go about doing this? We just want to do it one time.

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Answer by BYB’s; The Count in Country
You enter him in shows and get his champion title in confirmation.
You get him tested for ALL the genetic ailments of Yorkies. PRA, epilepsy, luxating patellas, liver shunt, etc.
You check 5 generations of bloodlines for genetic problems.
You become a member of your local Yorkie group and the YTCA.

The term “champion bloodlines” is a term used by puppy mills and backyard breeders to sell dogs to the ignorant public. It’s a meaningless term. It could mean one champion dog 5 generations back.

Champion Sired and Champion Parents are what matter, and even then, it doesn’t mean that your dog is breeding quality.

Once all this is completed, you’ll have tons of Yorkie breeders with fantastic dogs asking you to breed him.

+ Just for reference, THIS is what a Champion Bloodline looks like: ‘%20Brentano.htm

And THIS is what a Champion Bloodline for a Yorkie should resemble:

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  1. T J says

    Actually you don't. If your dog was something I would want to breed to, I would know about him, and I would contact you.
    You see as owner of the b*tch, thus owner of the litter, I will make all breeding decisions regarding her. Sorry but that is just the way it works. If you were to advertise him the only people that you would find interested in using him are those with females that you shouldn't even consider breeding too because of their poor quality.

  2. Rogue Bullies - Bull says

    You will meet available females when you start showing him to his championship and have preformed all health tests on him. When you dog is good people will come to you.

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