How do you know a Chihuahua is pure bred?

: How do you know a Chihuahua is pure bread?
What features can I look for when trying to buy a pure bread Chihuahua? Also, I can’t decide whether I want a male or female dog. What are the positives/negatives associated with each sex?

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Answer by Mutt Mommy
If he is AKC registered than he is a purebred. If he is not registered, he is considered a mutt no matter what.

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  1. Jessica says

    Well truly i love the teacup short hair breed A LOT better than the other breeds because they are short little companions and don’t shed as much as the other breeds they also sit on your lap and love on ya more which is a loving characteristic about them. And the gender part is all on you there is not much difference between the two genders. I myself as a girl prefer boyz for some reason. But there is no problem with girls.

    Jessica Lennox, SD

  2. Bec says

    There is nothing wrong with a mutt Chihuahua, I have one and she is the prettiest, smartest, loyal and loving dog I have ever met. She shits all over most purebreds. I've seen both of her parents and they are lovely too. Calling a dog a mutt because it is not registered is prejudice!

    • shannon says

      Exactly. I have a chihuahua w out papers and she is amazing. No idea if she is purebred or not and i dont care, she was a rescue dog thats all that matters to me :P I also think mutt is a terrible word. Mixed sounds much better.

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