How do you know a Chihuahua is pure bred?

: How do you know a Chihuahua is pure bread?
What features can I look for when trying to buy a pure bread Chihuahua? Also, I can’t decide whether I want a male or female dog. What are the positives/negatives associated with each sex?

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Answer by Mutt Mommy
If he is AKC registered than he is a purebred. If he is not registered, he is considered a mutt no matter what.

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  1. Jessica says

    Well truly i love the teacup short hair breed A LOT better than the other breeds because they are short little companions and don’t shed as much as the other breeds they also sit on your lap and love on ya more which is a loving characteristic about them. And the gender part is all on you there is not much difference between the two genders. I myself as a girl prefer boyz for some reason. But there is no problem with girls.

    Jessica Lennox, SD

  2. Bec says

    There is nothing wrong with a mutt Chihuahua, I have one and she is the prettiest, smartest, loyal and loving dog I have ever met. She shits all over most purebreds. I've seen both of her parents and they are lovely too. Calling a dog a mutt because it is not registered is prejudice!

    • shannon says

      Exactly. I have a chihuahua w out papers and she is amazing. No idea if she is purebred or not and i dont care, she was a rescue dog thats all that matters to me :P I also think mutt is a terrible word. Mixed sounds much better.

  3. Rexydoberman says

    Bread ? Like wheat, white or pumpernickel ? Kidding ! Check out the AKC website,they will give you a good description of Breed standards. But the shelters have great small dogs that need homes too.

  4. Kitty says

    You have to have ACK regrister papers. Here are the Positives of males:

    Male dogs tend to be "lovable slobs" and "good ol' boys."

    Male dogs tend to be more outgoing, more vigorously affectionate, more "in your face."

    Male dogs tend to be more stable and reliable in mood, less prone to emotional swings.

    Male dogs tend to be clumsy and silly and prone to acting like oversized kids.

    Male dogs mean well and are easy to love.

    On the negative side:

    Male dogs are more apt to test their owners and engage in dominance struggles, especially during the hormonal adolescent months, which can last a long time — from about six months old all the way up to two or three years old in larger breeds.

    Male dogs have obvious genitals, which can make for embarrassing moments if they become aroused or decide to lick themselves when Grandma is visiting. Some males are enthusiastic humpers who will mount stuffed toys, other dogs, sometimes people's legs.

    Most male dogs lift their leg to urinate — a consideration if you have expensive shrubbery or lawn ornaments. Some males are territorial markers who spray urine on every vertical object (ranging from telephone poles to blades of grass) to mark it with their scent.

    Female dogs tend to be more subtle than males. They're affectionate on their own terms. They'll request or demand petting, then reassert their independence by walking away when they've had enough.

    Female dogs tend to be quicker to learn and are not as easily distracted during training sessions.

    Female dogs are less likely to be openly defiant or to engage in blunt power struggles or dominance challenges — yet they can be clever, passively resistant, and manipulative about getting their own way.

    Female dogs are prone to mood swings and emotional theatrics. They can be sweet one day (or one hour!) and grumpy the next.

    Female dogs are experts at The Dirty Look and The Sulk.

    Females go into heat.

    Good luck choosing!

  5. Dallas says

    For any breed of dog unless the puppies are papered under like a CKC registry (in Canada thats what its called) and if you're not buying from a reputable breeder there isnt an abundance of things to look for as far as characterstics go to figure out of the dog is pure bred or not, other than spending an outrageous amount of money on DNA testing. My suggestion, deal with a reputable a breeder or make sure the pups are registered with with a reputable agency.

    Female dogs can be higher maintenance if not fixed as their heats run about 2wice a year – If you plan o thave her spayed, which is always highley recommended unless you wanted to begin a breeding program, than females are great dogs and dependant on the breed can also have breed typical perosnality tendancies, and I dont know much about the Chiuaua so bare with me, as Iam being rather general to canines as a whole. As for males, not fixed, they can pee everywhere, mark teritory etc but tend to be of the calmer of the sexes, less stressed, easier to maintain Ive found – as for fixed, same thing – I find males tend to be a little more laid back. I truly beleive that females tend to go through a CANINE PMS stage….hahaha But both are fantastic

    Have fun and happy puppy shopping~ : 0)

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