How Do I Train My Cane Corso Puppy?

$ ~D-GUTTA~$ : What Is The Best Way To Train My Cane Corso Puppy?
im getting an 8 week old cane corso puppy next week and i was wondering what is the fastest way to train him to potty outside
Cane Corso puppy
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Answer by monkey girl
Sign him up for puppy class, they will talk about potty training. Cane Corso's need lots of regular training and socializing so start early! You can take him to puppy class if he has had the first two sets of puppy shots.

Answer by Mary C

I can tell you how i train it works for me. I paper trane first  by keeping them on paper in there pen letting them go out every time the big dogs go out I have 6 dogs then when they are big enough to go in and out of the dore by there selfe they go with the big dogs and i remove the pen the big dogs lead the way there are a few accedents but they soon learn

Answer by TN2Vegas
When I brought my 4 month old Sheltie home she was put in a crate by the door. When I would come home from work, I would open the crate door and take her right outside. IF she did not go, then she would go back in her crate for another 15 min. and then back outside..this would go on until she did her business. Most dogs will not go in their crate….but you can't have it big enough to where they can go and get away from it, but not to small to where they can not move around a little. Good luck and congratulations!!

I just bought a 4 month old cane corso and im trying to teach him how to use the bathroom,and learn the next first steps i need to know.

Answer by Joan J
First thing in the morning-they must do #1 and #2, after meals for sure, observe your puppy to establish his pattern and take him outside about every 2 hours on a regular basis. I was told by my breeder to confine my puppy in a small area this will encourage him to bark when he needs to go–they do not like to mess in their area — this worked for me.

Answer by miss_ashley
Well first thing in the morning make sure to take him outside as soon as he wakes up and put him outside do that every morning and he will start to see what to do. Crate training really does not work that well. And puppy school is not going to train him to be potty trained YOU have to do that. BE PERSISTENT

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  1. rescue member says

    That's a very strong dog, you really need to take him for obedience lessons, the two of you need to work together so that you are in control of this dog.

    Not a breed for beginners, or to take lightly.
    Are you sure you know what you are doing???

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