How do I make my female pit bull stop begging?

Tish: Make my dog stop begging?
Diamond is a 2 year old pit I've only had her since she was 9 month and she was doing this when i got her. any time she hears a plastic wrapper of any kind (black and mild, birth controle, toilet paper, candy) she starts drooling its so bad there are puddles of it on the floor. at first it was funny then i started getting on to her for it. she can be on the other side of the house if you open a candy bar she's at your feet drooling. she also does it when I'm cooking dinner and even worse when I'm trying to eat dinner. if i tell her to go lay down, she will but she keeps drooling. How can i make her stop.

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Answer by Nathan
Give her a treat when you have a treat. If anything tackle her to the ground and bite her ear (not hard). This shows dominance and that you are alpha. Eventually she should stop.

Answer by Jake
i agree with nathen to an extent just tackle her and try rewarding her with dog kisses and caress her while kissing her it shows you care and love her

Answer by Savannah
Don't feed her any table scraps. If you do feed dog friendly table scraps only do so after you are done and I like placing it right into my dogs bowl and not feeding by hand. I only feed treats by hand during training. She should eat after you. When you are cooking/eating you should really either put her in another room or outside if her begging affects her and you so much. My bfs APBT begs but I tell her to go lay down in the other room where she cant see me and I ignore her completely and she will give up either right away or after a couple of times trying to sneak a peek. Lol I just say NO, OUT and I point and she leaves. My small dog used to have line she could not cross to come into the kitchen. She knew she had to stop at the end of the carpet in the hall or livingroom that's connected to the dinning room/kitchen that has hardwood floor. She would just lay down and observe me while I was cooking. When your dog begs just say NO and redirect her attention to a kong toy or bone or tell her to go lay down in another room.

Answer by Professor Coldheart!
For the love of all things holy, do not give your dog a treat when she is begging. That just reinforces the behavior.

And I'm sorry to tell you, but your dog knows that wrappers mean delicious things and you aren't likely to convince her otherwise. You can try desensitizing her to wrappers. Throughout the day, crinkle wrappers unrelated to food. Show her that the wrapper doesn't have anything tasty. You might even shoe her a wrapper with something unpleasant smelling. For example, one of my dogs hates the smell of nailpolish. A dot of nailpolish on the wrapper would make it really unappealing. He is smart, and would probably only check the wrapper once or twice before he swore them off for good.

As for the begging, I would just manage the behavior. Train your dog that when you eat, she needs to lay on the other side of the room or even in another room. She may still drool, but the begging will be under control. And absolutely do not give her people food, unless its fed to her in her own bowl at a time when you aren't eating. For example, boiled chicken and rice if she has been having an upset stomach.

Answer by Lizzie
Drooling is a sign of excitement or stress. I'm afraid we can't stop the dog from having feelings.

You CAN teach your dog to stop begging, however. Go to the website of The Dog Training Secret and sign up for the free lessons, or buy the course, it's a good one. One of the things covered is how to teach your dog to stop begging.

Answer by Lene
Completely ignore her when she is begging and never reward begging behaviour with table scraps if you want the behaviour to stop. Simple as that.

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