How do I know if my puppy has Parvo?

Keep Hope Alive: How do I know if my 3 month old puppy has Parvo?
He’s scheduled for his 2 last vaccines today that he turned 3 months. But i’m scared. Sometimes he plays sometimes he gets really quiet and just lays down. He won’t eat his doggie food but If I’m eating rice and beans and chicken he’d eat it in a heart beat. I don’t want to accustom him to eat “human food” but he hasn’t been eating his reg dog food Latety and i rather him eat. Ever since i took out the wet food out of his mixed wet and dry food i use to mix for him when we brought him home last month he has shown a disinterest in food. I dont know wether to change it or just try to feed it to him. or go back to expensive wet food. He hardly drinks water either and his pee is sort of darker than lemonade. a really strong but not too dark yellow. I just want to make sure hes okay and that he’s not dying. I really became close to him. I’d cry just thinking he’d be gone. His name is Blanket by the way. He’s a Collie Smooth/ Shepherd mix.

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Answer by Ashleigh T
Take him straight to the vet, so they can test him to see if he has parvo. If you have other dogs, keep them seperated, and dont let them go to the bathroom in the same place. It is very contagious, and very fatal. I suggest doing this asap, also if you have other dogs, you should get them tested as well.

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  1. Michala says

    i would take him to the vet…i've had 2 dogs that have had Parvo 1 survived because we took him to the vet before it really got bad. I would becarefull and do keep him separated from other dogs. If you changed his food diet he may not like it. Some animals don't he willl eat when he gets hungry. i hope that helped a little. Sorry it wasn't much.

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