How do i keep my pitbull in his kennel?

Tyler: How can i keep my pitbull in his kennel?
I have a 2 year old 85 pound pitbull and he doesnt like being in his kennel.The kennel is about a 6×12 it has 7 ft tall wood fencing on the left and right sides and its most of the front the rest is metal fencing for a gate.We had to weld all the joints of it to reinforce it but all he has to do is push his head through and push with his shoulders and the bars just snap like a twig

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Answer by Victoria Wright -Pit bull Savvy-
Get a better, stronger kennel. Pit Bulls are strong dogs and need to have secure fencing. Stop trying to fix the kennel you already have, obviously it’s not strong enough. It cost money to keep a strong dog secure in a kennel/fence and it is your responsibility to make sure of that.

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  1. Darra T says

    I agree with the lady that said get a new kennel. It is important for your dogs safety and everyone elses that he be in a properly restrained area. I don't agree with the lady who doesn't kennel her dogs. I own 5 pitbulls and 3 of them are inside dogs who we keep in a kennel when we are not home or are in bed. We do this for their safety. They are naturally dog aggressive and if we are not able to supervise them when they are together, they could end up in a fatal fight. Also, kenneling is an important tool used to house train dogs. If you get a puppy used to a kennel then they will feel secure and at home when they are in it. Obviously, your dog does not like his kennel. Are you keeping him in it all the time? Dogs get bored when they are left to themselves for long periods of time and they are social creatures. Maybe he is longing for your attention or maybe he cannot see out of his kennel very well. First, try to find the reason he doesn't like his kennel. Then get him a new one fixing the old problems first. (his view, his lonesomeness, etc.) A kennel made of steel is probably the best since it is hard to break out of and hard to chew up or bend. Chain link fence is good too for view. Good luck.

  2. Marie P says

    Why do you want to keep him in a kennel?

    I had 2 100 pound german shepherds that had the run of the house and was no problem whatsoever. I don't believe in crating/kenneling..

  3. mamanahe says

    good luck i have a hard time keeping mine in the fenced yard,but we live in country and have 66 acres and no nieghbors,so dont worry guys they dont bother nobody…by the way u could start with training them,i am currently working with mine on some basic training

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