How do I get purebred dog papers for our Bulldog?

CrazyLife: What exactly are “papers” for purebread dogs and how do I get them for our Bulldog?
The previous owners said he had papers but they couldnt find them. I’m not sure what exactly is ON these papers or anything like that, im guessing it is just to prove he IS a purebread.Can you get them done up with a blood test?

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Answer by Marlow

You need the mother’s registration and the father’s registration to prove that your pup is a purebred. Check out the American Kennel Club website for more info.

Answer by killer189
You get them from the breeder you bought the dog from. There is another way to determine if a dog is a pure breed through DNA testing but it is EXTREMELY expensive.

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  1. Lizzie says

    A breeder must have two registered dogs to be able to register their litter as a group. Then, each puppy buyer is given a paper (the registration application form) to fill out and send money with, to register the puppy as an individual dog that belongs to that person. If the buyer doesn’t fill out and send in the registration application form, with the check, then the dog is never registered as that person’s dog.

    Other papers you may get with a dog are a pedigree, a copy of the contract from the breeder, basic care guidelines, etc.

    Hopefully, the people that you got this dog from will find the “papers” and send them to you. If they didn’t register the dog, you probably still can. If they did register the dog, they need to sign the form so that ownership can be transferred to you.

    Unfortunately, registration papers don’t prove anything except that someone paid money and picked out a name to register the dog, and so the dog has a registration number and is recorded in AKC records. There are a great many mixed-breed “oops” puppies that are mistakenly registered as purebred dogs.

    I’m not too sure how good dog DNA tests are these days but you may be able to prove that a dog is purebred that way.

    If you could find out the registration numbers of the dog’s parents, you could then contact the AKC and get assistance in either locating the lost papers (getting a copy from the AKC) or registering the dog if it hasn’t been registered.

    A blood test wouldn’t help, sorry.

    Unless you plan to breed, show, or compete with this dog is dog sports and other activities, you don’t need the registration papers. You can apply for and get an Indefinite Listing Privilege number, or ILP number for short, which will allow you to compete in obedience, rally, flyball, freestyle and more, through the AKC.

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