How do I get purebred dog papers for our Bulldog?

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CrazyLife: What exactly are “papers” for purebread dogs and how do I get them for our Bulldog?
The previous owners said he had papers but they couldnt find them. I’m not sure what exactly is ON these papers or anything like that, im guessing it is just to prove he IS a purebread.Can you get them done up with a blood test?

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Answer by Marlow

You need the mother’s registration and the father’s registration to prove that your pup is a purebred. Check out the American Kennel Club website for more info.

Answer by killer189
You get them from the breeder you bought the dog from. There is another way to determine if a dog is a pure breed through DNA testing but it is EXTREMELY expensive.

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  1. Lizzie says

    A breeder must have two registered dogs to be able to register their litter as a group. Then, each puppy buyer is given a paper (the registration application form) to fill out and send money with, to register the puppy as an individual dog that belongs to that person. If the buyer doesn’t fill out and send in the registration application form, with the check, then the dog is never registered as that person’s dog.

    Other papers you may get with a dog are a pedigree, a copy of the contract from the breeder, basic care guidelines, etc.

    Hopefully, the people that you got this dog from will find the “papers” and send them to you. If they didn’t register the dog, you probably still can. If they did register the dog, they need to sign the form so that ownership can be transferred to you.

    Unfortunately, registration papers don’t prove anything except that someone paid money and picked out a name to register the dog, and so the dog has a registration number and is recorded in AKC records. There are a great many mixed-breed “oops” puppies that are mistakenly registered as purebred dogs.

    I’m not too sure how good dog DNA tests are these days but you may be able to prove that a dog is purebred that way.

    If you could find out the registration numbers of the dog’s parents, you could then contact the AKC and get assistance in either locating the lost papers (getting a copy from the AKC) or registering the dog if it hasn’t been registered.

    A blood test wouldn’t help, sorry.

    Unless you plan to breed, show, or compete with this dog is dog sports and other activities, you don’t need the registration papers. You can apply for and get an Indefinite Listing Privilege number, or ILP number for short, which will allow you to compete in obedience, rally, flyball, freestyle and more, through the AKC.

  2. leslie says

    Nope, you have to get the papers from him or the moms litter registration number at least. You can not get a blood test done to get papers. Papers are a dogs family tree.

  3. dorothy s says

    In the UK, papers refer to a dogs pedigree. The name of the dam and sire of the puppies is displayed on the pedigree and so are their ancestors.

    There are no blood tests that can replace the so called “papers”.

    The only reason that you would need “papers” is if you intend to breed. If you are a new dog owner with a Bulldog, please don’t go there unless you have a large bank balance. Bulldogs have problems giving birth without veterinary help.

    Please Google the health problems of Bulldogs before you consider breeding.

    I suspect that he is a fantastic dog and you have a wonderful pet.

    Perhaps the previous owners did not have the relevant documents for your puppy, so what. I am sure that you have an adorable dog.

  4. Ocimom says

    No – “papers” are the registration papers that come with the dog – if you don’t have them or the previous owner doesn’t have them, you can’t just get them. The dog had to have been registered by the original breeder both as a litter and individual.

    Blood test won’t prove anything. But you should just spay/neuter and forget about getting any kind of registration papers. Most likely the dog really was not registered by the previous owners or the breeder.

  5. Hannah says

    Only the original owner can get the papers. Have them write to the American Kennel Club for a copy. If they can’t “find them” they may be scamming you.
    Blood tests are no proof.

    When you buy a dog represented as AKC registrable, you should receive an AKC Dog Registration Application form properly filled out by the seller. When you complete your portion and submit it with the proper fee, this form will enable you to register the dog. When the application has been processed, you will receive an AKC Registration Certificate.

    Under AKC Rules, any person who sells dogs represented as AKC registrable, must maintain records that make it possible to give full identifying information with every dog delivered even though AKC “papers” are not yet available. Do not accept a promise of later identification.

  6. Helen Rempel says

    “Papers” usually means registration papers (although my aunt once bragged she had a dog “with papers” and all she had was his neuter certificate–but I digress). Some registries (like AKC and UKC) are legit; others like Continental KC are scam registries that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, because they’d register a toaster as long as you sent the appropriate fee.

    Be aware that the excuse of “not being able to find them” is often used as a ruse. Chances are your dog was never registered in the first place. However, if you want to be able to enter your dog in performance events (obedience, agility, etc.) you can get him PAL-registered with AKC as long as he is neutered.

    There is no reliable DNA test to prove a breed.

  7. Aki says

    Do you mean pedigree forms? they show the dogs ancestors. they are mainly just useful for breeding, showing and (i like to do this a lot) trying to say the names!

  8. mauveme49 says

    Blood tests are not proof of purebred. You can get the papers if the owners know the breeder so they can get the information from them. apply to the AKC for a new copy of “lost papers:. The application has to be notarized in order to get them. They will go to the old owner who then can sign them over to you..All supposing that the old owners actually had papers and are not selling you a line
    The original owner lost the papers on my CKC (Canadian) std poodle. That is what I did to get the papers for her. If you don’t have a registration number then you are SOL, and only the breeder and owner will have that. (breeders are required to keep full documentation on all litters they sell and who each puppy goes to)

  9. Kali says

    No, papers are the AKC, or UKC registration for the dog, his parents, and the litter he came from. It usually also includes weather or not he comes from champion lines and so on. you cannot get them through a blood test as that is not what they are. But if you have no interest in breeding him or showing him. they are worthless to you anyhow. They are only needed if you plan on selling the dog or you are purchasing a show puppy.

    He probably did not have any to begin with. He is probably a byb dog. in any case you can usually tell if a english bulldog is pure bred.

  10. Kathleen says

    The word is purebred.

    Papers are registration papers with a kennel club, like AKC.

    The puppies have to be registered by the breeder. There’s nothing you can do. If they don’t register the puppies, or maybe they forgot to or lost the papers, all you can do is push them to find the paperwork or go to the original breeder.

    I am very suspicious of this because a reputable breeder will ALWAYS take a dog back, no matter how old it is, if the original buyers can’t keep it for any reason at all.

  11. Beth F says

    They prove his lineage. The only place you can get them is from his breeder or his previous owner. I imagine that if you payed for your dog, that he has no papers they just said that so you would pay more for him. He’s likely just a byb dog.

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