How do I get my pitbull to gain weight and muscle?

Robert: How to get my pitbull to gain weight and muscle?
I have a 1 and a half year old pitbull he only weighs 50 pounds i am trying to bulk him up so i can start to stud him? For the record he is UKC registered he is not a fighting dog and i do not use him for that.

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Answer by Joshums
Please do not stud your dog; breeding is just as bad, if not worse, than dog fighting.

Answer by Stacey
No responsible breeder is going to use your dog for a stud without the proper genetic testing (amongst other things). I really don't recommend breeding him.

In order to get him to gain weight, feed him a high quality food like Taste of the Wild
, Innova or Blue Buffalo. Instructions for feeding are right on the side of the bag.

Don't breed your family pet. There are so many pitbulls in shelters that die each and every day. If you really care about the breed, you will not breed him.

Answer by Stephen A

These dogs love people and have no idea that their size is something of a deterrent to being a lap dog. Confident and keenly aware of their surroundings, they are watchdogs in that they may alert you to the presence of strangers, but that's primarily because they're eager to greet "their" guests.

While their love of people makes them failures as guard dogs, their courage is unmatched and they will defend their family with their lives.

Answer by damaryia in reply to Stephen A
yeah yeah yeaeaeah I know all of that but what I need to know is how to make my dog gain weight just because I will like the
way he looks

Answer by Eduardo D
if he got a little muscle right now put a 15 or 20 or 10 weight on his neck for 1 to 3 hours a day until he gets used to it like running and other stuff or get a tire and make him drag it around your yard and feed him a lot but walk him with the weights on so he'll get ripped

Answer by Elaine M
Proper nurition and exercise keep a dog in show condition.

UKC doesn't guarantee the best bone structure, if he's to be used for breeding he needs to have won ribbons for conformation and temperment. That means the show circuit. You'd also need copies of his papers and his parents papers, to show breeding lines.

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  1. christine says

    Only stupid people with small penises do that. It's irresponsible to breed your dog. Get him neutered, then leave him alone.

    • matt says

      u sound so stupid who the hell are u to say weather or not a dog should be neutered u got some freaking psychic powers were u can talk to dogs did they tell u they wanted to be neutered if dogs did not mate then they wouldn't be here thats like telling u to tie your tubes

    • damaryea says

      hell yeah that's right .You can tell that I don't do that because I got looooooouuuuuuuuuuuuung
      penis about 10 inches . Hell yeah it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    THAT is the right weight! Why on earth do you want to put more weight on a dog that is genetically inclined to be lean and muscled?

    He is fine. And leave the breeding alone. The 2nd most 'popular' breeds in shelters is the APBT.
    The 1st is the Labrador Retriever.

    We don't need any more back yard bred pits. Please.

  3. CC says

    American Pit Bull Terriers are suppose to weight between39-50 lbs. Breed standard, they are a lean breed not stocky, yes they are muscular, but not bulky. Your dog is perfect

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