How do I get my dog to stop barking at the postman?

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ellen d: How can I get my dog to stop barking at the postman?
Everyday, the postman comes, and everyday my dog goes bonkers and barks like crazy at him, jumps at the mail when it comes through the door, and chews at it. Even if I go outside to meet the postman, she still goes crazy, as soon as he makes it up to our street. I have tried a muzzle, as well as this thing that you spray that makes a loud noise, which stops her in her tracks, but the next day she is barking again.

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Answer by tasha..
try introduce the dog to the postman so she wont be so agressive towards him or the mail

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  1. bernabubble says

    Its not the postie thats bothering the dog it is the smell from the post apparently it messes up their senses and the get confused and go mental, thats why the dog eats the mail but stops barking when the postie goes away

  2. deranged_bee says

    I have no idea how to stop it, BUT I know the reason the dog is doing it.

    Barking at the postman is self-rewarding behaviour.
    The dog barks at the postman to chase it away from your yard. The postman (being a postman) leaves. Thus, the dog feels that it chased the postman away, and the behaviour is enforced.

    Get a mail catcher thing so your dog can’t get to the mail, and at least that way it won’t eat your mail.

  3. Witters, Man That Ca says

    You could always put the dog into the back room and get a guard for the postbox.

    You could ask the postman next few times he comes to give your dog a treat and pat it. The dog may grow fond of the postie.

  4. HelenES says

    No, no, no and no. The dog thinks she has to protect her territory because she does not recognise you as the alpha dog, or pack leader, whose job it is to do the protecting. She has taken on the job because you have not taught her otherwise. That's the reason most dogs bark at outsiders. Forget the fancy gadgets and take her to training classes so she learns who is the boss of her pack.

  5. kate h says

    your dog is protecting its territory. my dog does this too. he needs to get used to the postman. so let your dog greet the postman or if your dog's more on the aggressive side, you should go on a walk with the postman or something (but the postman on the otherside of you away from the dog) so that your dog will feel like a pack rather than the postman being a threat.
    your dog also would have to be heeling and be right next to you. i advise you to keep the muzzle on just in case something might happen.

  6. the_samurai_lullaby says

    Is it only the postman, or just anyone at the door? If it's anyone, this can be easier to practice with a friend:

    Put your dog on a choke chain with a lead.

    Have a friend come to the door to incite your dog's barking. When she obliges, put sharply upwards on the leash and tell her "NO!" or "SHH!" If she continues, get down on one knee and push quickly at her neck, simulating a dog bite with your fingers. Sometimes this will snap a dog out of their previous focus.

    When she quiets or calms, even for a split second, immediately praise and reward her. This exercise will be all about timing, and it must be done correctly or else you might confuse the dog into thinking that her bad behavior is wanted.

  7. Leisa says

    The reason that the muzzle and spray worked one day and not the next is because you need to be consistent with this (or any type of training) for a dog to be able to do it without fault each and every time. In other words, the tools you use in order to get a dog to do something one day can't be taken away the next and still expect the same positive behavior from the dog.

    One thing I would suggest once your dog starts barking at the postman or when you know about the time the postman comes is to put a leash on your dog and some treats in your hand/pocket. Put your dog in a sit/stay and offer the dog a treat. Keep giving he dog a treat (you can even use pieces of dog food/kibble as treats- they're small and work perfectly as training treats) Keep doing this until your dog either starts barking or jumping or lunging towards the door/mailman. Hold the slack on the leash, pull the dog towards you and put him back down in a sit stay and treat immediately.

    Anytime your dog is doing what he is supposed to be doing- sitting and staying by the front door and not grabbing mail and shredding it or barking and lunging at the mailman- give treats and lots of praise generously "Good Boy" "Good Boy" etc.

    Anytime the dog is doing badly- lunging, barking, etc give a stern no, pull on the slack of the leash just enough to get the dogs attention towards you and put him back in a sit stay- don't treat him until he doe so.

    This is something you're going to have to work on for weeks, maybe even months since this behavior is something your dog has been doing for awhile. Don't expect quick results after just a days worth of training you are going to have to keep at it until he gets it and then even after he gets it you'll possibly have to do little "refersher courses"

    Also, work with the "Leave it" or "No" command as far as the mail coming through the door. If he leaves it- he keeps getting treats as long as he's sitting there and not shredding it. If he breaks his sit.stay and trys to go after it- no treat until he's back in the sit stay. Don't give up if the first few days don't go well- your dog will eventually get it. Afterwards, you may even be able to teach your dog to bring the mail TO YOU nicely since he seems to be really interested in the mail.

  8. jigisha v says

    may be the postman must have tried to hurt her or scare her when u were not around so she ll not trust him for the second time try making her understand by taking the mail in ur own had & teaching her not to chew it off coz its important
    well this sounds crazy making a dog understand but this always works with my dog he barks at the londry person when he comes to take or deliver pressed cloths to our place
    i always tell him he z just helping out.
    well dogs are very possesive about things that u posses in ur house so cant help it from barking on the postman but atleast u can save ur mails
    Last option is to put a mailbox outside ur house where the postman can drop ur mails without coming into her hands
    else its impossible for her to stop barking at the postman a dog once barks on some one he ll always bark on him :)

  9. rose_merrick says

    you need a friend and a postmans uniform (or something like) to sgree to come to the door while you train him to be quiet and have him on the lead beside you- then the novelty of a postman coming will wear off

  10. Dumblydore says

    Dogs will naturally bark at anyone who comes to the door, and especially at people who are going from door to door (not just mailment, but meter readers, salesmen, Jehovah's witnesses, what have you). They'll also bark at people who they know they can sort of bully around (which is why even if short people stand tall over their dogs and tell them in a booming voice to "stop," they normally will). Since your mailman doesn't yell at your dog when she barks at him, she probably thinks she's in a position of power over him, as well as doing her duty to protect your house. There isn't really anything you can do except to tell her to stop in a very loud and firm voice if she's doing something bad, not just barking, but chewing on the mail and stuff. If you have authority over her she'll probably stop at that moment but I think there's little you can do otherwise.

  11. dark girl says

    Most dogs do that.

    Just put one of those cage things over the letterbox so that your dog cannot chew the mail.

    The only way to stop your dog barking at the postman is to perhaps keep your dog in a back room in the morning where he cannot see until the post has been delivered.

    Apart from that there is not much else you can do – dogs will always bark!

  12. Choclover says

    If I'm at home when the postman arrives I usually try and distract my dog by taking him out the back garden or take him for his daily walk at that time. If I'm not at home I always make sure that the door to the front door from the lounge is closed so he can't get to the front door. Obviously I realise he is probably still going bananas at the postman then but at least my post doesn't get ruined!

  13. Kulsoom H says

    mayb the dog knows that maybe the postman is doing something dangerous or maybe he has a gun or something thats why dogs bark…

  14. jaygirl says

    There is something about postmen that dogs hate, I doubt if you can stop it, just accept that's what dogs do all over the world, I have lived in different countries and had dogs and they ALL went crazy when they saw the postman.

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