How do I get my dog to stop barking at the postman?

ellen d: How can I get my dog to stop barking at the postman?
Everyday, the postman comes, and everyday my dog goes bonkers and barks like crazy at him, jumps at the mail when it comes through the door, and chews at it. Even if I go outside to meet the postman, she still goes crazy, as soon as he makes it up to our street. I have tried a muzzle, as well as this thing that you spray that makes a loud noise, which stops her in her tracks, but the next day she is barking again.

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Answer by tasha..
try introduce the dog to the postman so she wont be so agressive towards him or the mail

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  1. bernabubble says

    Its not the postie thats bothering the dog it is the smell from the post apparently it messes up their senses and the get confused and go mental, thats why the dog eats the mail but stops barking when the postie goes away

  2. deranged_bee says

    I have no idea how to stop it, BUT I know the reason the dog is doing it.

    Barking at the postman is self-rewarding behaviour.
    The dog barks at the postman to chase it away from your yard. The postman (being a postman) leaves. Thus, the dog feels that it chased the postman away, and the behaviour is enforced.

    Get a mail catcher thing so your dog can’t get to the mail, and at least that way it won’t eat your mail.

  3. Witters, Man That Ca says

    You could always put the dog into the back room and get a guard for the postbox.

    You could ask the postman next few times he comes to give your dog a treat and pat it. The dog may grow fond of the postie.

  4. HelenES says

    No, no, no and no. The dog thinks she has to protect her territory because she does not recognise you as the alpha dog, or pack leader, whose job it is to do the protecting. She has taken on the job because you have not taught her otherwise. That's the reason most dogs bark at outsiders. Forget the fancy gadgets and take her to training classes so she learns who is the boss of her pack.

  5. kate h says

    your dog is protecting its territory. my dog does this too. he needs to get used to the postman. so let your dog greet the postman or if your dog's more on the aggressive side, you should go on a walk with the postman or something (but the postman on the otherside of you away from the dog) so that your dog will feel like a pack rather than the postman being a threat.
    your dog also would have to be heeling and be right next to you. i advise you to keep the muzzle on just in case something might happen.

  6. the_samurai_lullaby says

    Is it only the postman, or just anyone at the door? If it's anyone, this can be easier to practice with a friend:

    Put your dog on a choke chain with a lead.

    Have a friend come to the door to incite your dog's barking. When she obliges, put sharply upwards on the leash and tell her "NO!" or "SHH!" If she continues, get down on one knee and push quickly at her neck, simulating a dog bite with your fingers. Sometimes this will snap a dog out of their previous focus.

    When she quiets or calms, even for a split second, immediately praise and reward her. This exercise will be all about timing, and it must be done correctly or else you might confuse the dog into thinking that her bad behavior is wanted.

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