How can you train a dog to become like a police dog?

Courtney: How to train a dog to become like a police dog?
I’m 13 and I’m wondering how to train my 1 1/2 female German shepherd/norweigian elkhound to become like a police dog. Lol I’m willing to take the time to train her. I trainded her when somebody runs to run after them and bite their butt. (biggest mistake) but she has to stay in the yard and likes to roam. How can I train her to stay in the yard and become almost like a polic dog. Please no mean answers! :)

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Answer by Stєℓℓa
1. It must be the right dog. A good police dog will be large, naturally aggressive, strong, and have an excellent sense of smell. Most police dogs are un-neutered males, because they are generally more aggressive than neutered males or females. The dog should have an outgoing and energetic personality.

2. Teach the dog basic obedience. A police dog must unquestionably obey his master. He must know how to sit, stay, lie down, and release an object on command. He must trust his master and obey immediately and without hesitation.

3. Train the dog in agility. This means that he will jump over, crawl under, and go around items or objects on command. He also must learn how to quickly go up and down stairs and, in some cases, ladders.

4. Expose the dog to different experiences. Socialize him with many different people in many different situations. He must be acclimated to loud noises, busy traffic, and crowded conditions.

5. Train the dog to sniff out drugs, bombs, or other illegal substances. This is done by teaching him that the smell of the desired object is affiliated with his favorite toy or treat. Through positive reinforcement, he will learn that when he smells the drug, he gets a treat in some form.

Good luck :)

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  1. Inga says

    Look up Schutzhund and read about that. It is a really cool sport and might be what you're looking for. Your dog will first have to be thoroughly obedience trained, though. So go ahead and look around for a good obedience class for your dog.

    And, no more training your dog to chase and bite people, okay?

  2. Helen Rempel says

    You're not training your dog to be a police dog, you're training it to be an out-of-control, aggressive animal that will end up being put to sleep when she bites someone.

    Build a run in the back yard and confine her there when someone is not around to supervise.

    BTW, police dogs are NOT trained to bite people's butts. Take your dog to obedience classes to learn how to control her, and hopefully they will be able to help you undo the mess you've made.

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