How can I teach my dog to dance?

x_abbie_2006_x: How do I teach my dog to dance?
How do I teach my dog to dance?

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Answer by kittywink
1st get it to stand up on 2 legs to reach a treat. After it learns that start turning the treat in a circle above her, or him, while standing for the treat. The dog will learn to turn round and round to get the treat. Say the word ‘dance’ each time.

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  1. T. M says

    depends on what kind of dance your talking about –

    1) standing on it's hind legs & walkingin cicles while begging??

    2) Musical Freestyle ( tricks & muic with your dog – you can compete with dogs/ dog owners all over the world.

    if it's #1 –
    is your dog able to do such a feat – ifs it goingto harm its back or legs ?? How olds the god ?? – if ut's bones aren't fully fourmed I wouldn't risk suc training.

    if your dogs health & old enough first find out if it has good balance ed hold a cookie above its head – just out of reach & slowly progress the distytance so thetreats farther away from the dog & it has to get up on its hind egs to reach go from there ….

    2) if you want to learn freestyle buy a book or take classes

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