How can i stop my pomeranian puppy from biting?

HearT_BroKen: How To stop my pomeranian puppy from biting?
if any one knows any skills that can stop my pomeranian puppy from biting, please help me.

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Answer by Orbach
Try some raw hid bones as a form of treat.

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  1. Alysha T says

    It is perfectly normal for a puppy to nibble, in order to stop the puppy nibbles you may want to consider the following:

    Give the majority of their attention to the puppy when the puppy is calm or preoccupied chewing a toy. Teach the puppy a rewarding substitute behavior to offer whenever he is being petted. Begin by putting about 10 pea-sized treats in the opposite hand that you will use to pet the puppy. Sit on a chair near the puppy. Now reach over and pet the puppy one time. Before the puppy begins to nip, immediately present your baited hand to the puppy and food lure the puppy’s attention away from the hand you just petted him with. As the puppy is turning his head away from the petting hand to follow your baited hand, praise the puppy.

    Avoid tug-of-war type games as this can potentially encourage puppy nipping, as well as, other problems, such as aggression. Avoid any type of games or interaction that involves play slapping and rough housing. If you play roughly, which includes wrestling and vigorous petting, the puppy will be far more likely to nip and mouth you.

    Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. This cannot be overstated. Make sure young, active puppies get plenty of exercise like running and walking daily. Ideally, try to exercise the puppy before you attempt to pet her or engage in other forms of interaction which are likely to prompt nipping. Exercise is probably one of the most effective problem solving tools. A puppy that is bored or gets insufficient exercise will generally be labeled overly excitable and rambunctious by their owner. Remind the owner that a tired puppy is a good puppy and that providing their puppy with more mental and physical stimulation goes a long way in managing unwanted behaviors.

    WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SCREAM OUCH FOR THIS WILL ONLY ENCOURAGE THE DOG TO PERFORM THE UNWANTED BEHAVIOUR, BECAUSE YOU ARE GIVING HIM THE ATTENTION HE THRIVES FOR. You need to realize that what we think is inappropriate behaviours, dogs see them as self rewarding.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Karen W says

    1) Slip your thumb in it's mouth, under the tongue, apply a little pressure
    2) Yelp or say "no bite" and
    3) Immediately stop playing
    4) Offer appropriate chew toy like a nylabone (remember puppies ARE often teething) and praise when the animal accepts it.

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