How can i stop my male pug from marking in my house?

Sheena F: How can i stop my male pug from marking his territory in my house?
We just got a female fun a couple months back and ever since than my male pug has been peeing everywhere it seems. Specially on my bed. I figure its because we got a new puppy but will it ever stop n how can i prevent it??
ohh and he is potty trained

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i'm not getting him neutered. that is not an option. i breed him.
We already have another male dog n he never did it when we got him just wen we got the female!
the male does like the female. they play all the time. i think i will go find that doggy wrap n keep him in a crate wen i cant supervise him. Thanks
A belly band is like a diaper right?? So i put it on wen i leave or what??

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Answer by meg b

Sorry to say this, but I have heard this more times than I can count from people who refuse to neuter. He is doing this becuase of the hormones that were stirred up when you brought the female in. He is not doing it because he just needs to pee and has forgotten his training, he is doing it because his instincts have taken over. This is what uncut male dogs do when they are not neutered and are exposed to females.

A belly band will stop him from getting his urine on your stuff, but will not do anything to stop from marking, it will just catch the urine, like underpants that go across his penis, some have a place to put a pad, but they do start to smell and the skin can get irritated having that urine setting right up against it for any amount of time. I had a male who learned to get them off in no time, then they are worthless.

If you refuse to neuter him for whatever reason, you may just have to take away some of his privilages, like freedom to run the house. This is NOT a problem you will be able to break him of, no matter what you do. If you leave him unattended, he is going to mark, his hormones tell him to do it even though he knows the rules of potty training. Only let him have run of the house when you can be right there with him-and I mean right there! It only takes a second for him to lift his leg and mark, you will have to babysit him to make sure you can stop him every time he lifts that leg. But he will probably always try to get away with it when you are not looking, that's what uncut males do, and that's one of the many problems that you have to accept if you are breeding. No one said it was easy to be a "Breeder", it's not always as easy as "buy girl dog, buy boy dog, get puppies".

Answer by Stephanie

My male pug is neutered, potty trained and still marks all over the house. He will come in the house and mark the furniture right after he has gone out to pee several times. The only thing that prevents the marking in the house is the belly band that catches his pee. I agree that the belly band doesn't seem like the healthiest option for all day use, but does save hours of work cleaning up pet urine off the carpet and furniture while your pet is roaming around indoors.

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  1. tanya says

    i have 2 pugs one female and one male he is all the time peeing on everything i benn tring to mate them so i can fix him...... thankgod i have a fenece in backyard but he pees all over the pourch i need help??????

  2. AShea says

    I have the same problem with my pug. This is a common "pug thing". I use the wrap on my pug whenever I'm gone a while.
    I am expecting my first child in a month, and unfortunately I expect to use the wrap pretty much all the time (unless he is sleeping). By marking, he is marking his place. He may feel threatened by the new pup.
    If you decide to buy one, make sure you buy 2 so you can use one and wash the other... don't put it in the dryer. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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