How can I stop a toy poodle from marking in the house?

balesmother: How do you stop a toy poodle from marking in the house?
I have a male toy poodle who has recently started marking everything in the house after our female went into season.
II have not had them spayed/neutured due to the fact that I bought them to breed. Although after consulting with a local breeder who has many champions I learned that in doing so I would not better the breed therefore changed my mind and decided they would be better not breeding. There is plans for neutering the male but the female is being bred with another dog. I know all about the animals in the shelters and understand they need homes too. I have adopted many pets from the shelters and my husband use to work for the city shelter here. So please do not leave me messages about needing to adopt or save a pet instead of breeding my female.

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Answer by Isis Is: THANKS! RESCUE INK!
spay and neuter.

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  1. beach soccer m6 says

    if hes not potty trained then get special enzyme spray…spray it where the marking is and then your dog wont smell it there to go again. Dogs go in places again because they smell it and they think its okay to go there. …get a pad…that's what we have…works great.

  2. bruce says

    yes would get him neutered, and would need to use a house hold cleaner to try and get rid of smell cause will keep going back to same place.

  3. GiGi says

    if you dont want to cut anything off lol then buy a product with an enzyme eroder like Natures Miracle (pick it up at Pet Smart or something) and pour it everywhere your female leaked. AND everywhere he went to mark! Pets will go where they went before if they smell their own scent. The enzyme eroder breaks this down so they can't smell where they went.

  4. Tiffy says

    get him fixed once they start this its hard to get them to stop what it is hes smellin ur femal dog in that spot so he marks it with his scent but u could also keep him in a kenal untill he gets trained it will help him learn not to pee just anywhere and just take him out side when u take him out of the kennal good luck i had a yorkie that done this

  5. Dancer says

    Spay the female and neuter the male. In the meantime, invest in a 'belly band' for inside. You can buy them off internet sites.

  6. MyCheckers says

    Get him neutered. If you wait any longer you'll never get him to stop marking because the behavior will become a habit.

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