How can i make my pitbull dog bigger?

Danielle: How can i make my pitbull bigger ?
I have a full blooded red nose pitbull. He is 15 weeks old. I dont want him to be aggressive but i do want him to be big. I need some advice on things to do to make him bigger.
Big Pit bull
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Answer by holaitsjosh
walk him, help him exercise a lot

Answer by makaveli
when he is a year old get a pull harness and put a tire on the end of it and get him to run up small slopes he will get ripped up and look tank.. fuck all the negative opinions on here aslong as you treat your dog with love and respect your all good :)

Answer by kdubb
Feed your dog muscle up with a half of cup of milk twice a day for a whole week mabey two weeks

Answer by That_Guy
Diamond Dog Food In The Morning w/ 1 bullymax pill, rest, love, springpole, raw chicken for dinner more love=135lb pit

Answer by Dawn
Genetics will determine how big he gets. Forced exercise can cause permanent damage to a young pup's joints. Extra vitamins or supplements can cause growth issues too. For the record, a well bred Pit Bull should not be a large dog. Huge Pits with giant heads and freakishly thick necks are the result of poor breeding.

Answer by Alesi's Chis
Helium. Seriously, if you wanted a large breed dog, you should have gotten one. Pit bulls should be lean and muscular, not big. Those pittipotamus 'american bully' pits are nothing more than mutts, and are an insult to true APBTs

Answer by Nekkid Truth!
he will only get as big as genetics determine he will be.
feed a good diet, and provide proper exercise  (nothing too strenuous.. you dont want to injure growing joints!)

Answer by Kevin Brooks!
I agree an disagree wit alot of you. Genetics is the key your dog will b as big as the bloodline it comes from. Every now an then u will have a pup or two every few litters that will be bigger or smaller than way it’s genetics are set up. An as for bullies or other so called pitbulls being mutts. All dogs are mutts. Original pitbulls never got over 40 or 50 pounds. American pitbulls are the foundation. Bully breed has more bulldog blood mixed with the American pitbull giving it the short low wide look. The bigger pitbulls 100+ pounds have more mastiff or bullmastiff blood. It all was really went for a certain look or so called quality. They all have the same blood and in my opinion are all good dogs from the APBT to the heavy weights and the Bullies. Red nose to the blue nose and all colors an coat patterns.

Answer by Frankie!

a 'full blooded red nose' pit bull is probably NOT a purebreed. He's a street-pitbull…a dog with generic traits shared by several bully-breed dogs.

having said this, you shouldn't even be considering making you 15 week old dog bigger! He needs to grow into his body. Don't even think about giving him any kind of supplements until he's AT LEAST a year an a half, if not two years old. By then, his bones have finished growing.

giving supplements to a dog that young will make him grow to fast and cause joint problems much earlier in life than they should.

the size of a dog is also determined by his parents. If his parents were big and muscular, then he will look that way when he is mature, not before then.

If his parents are wide and deep-chested with huge heads and squat legs, they ARE NOT PIT BULLS. Those are AmBullies and I really wish idiots would stop calling them pit bulls.

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  1. *julie*-->away&lt says

    A full blooded red nose "pit bull"? *Face palm* Do you even know anything about APBTs?
    He's 15 weeks old. He will grow in time.

  2. Tbird says

    Buy good food. I suggest Purina Pro-Plan large breed puppy. That's what my dogs were on. I don't have pit bulls, but I do have big dogs. It helps with development.

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