How can I make a chihuahua puppy go poo?

Jackie Jessa C: How to make a chihuahua puppy go poo?
I have this 4 week old chihuahua Puppy And it does not go poo.It only went poo 1 time.
I dont know how to make it go poo. Can someone Give me some Advice?

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Answer by Kerrie
When was the last time it went? It could have an obstruction if it hasn't gone in a few days! Feed it food higher in fiber.

Answer by Becca
Get a warm wet wash cloth and rub it on the puppies belly and butt. Long stocks will be like the mom licking the puppy. sometimes this works. If its been a couple days and the puppy is still eating and drinking but not pooping take it to a vet, DON'T give it any differnet food or people food you could cause diarreha and then the puppy will get deyhreated. If the wash cloth doesn't work take it to a vet.

Answer by fishmom

Four weeks old?? It should still be with the mother! The mother will lick his rear and stimulate defecation. Since I'm pretty sure you aren't going to do that for the puppy, take him back to his mom where he should be for at least another month!
If you can't do that, then call your veterinarian right away. Not defecating can signal a serious medical problem. They can help you.

Answer by Rochelle T
EXERCISE... walk the pup for 30 min. daily, and it will stimulate her to want to go.
if she is constipated, try a teaspoon of pumpkin pie filling.
it's a natural stimulant,and safe to give.
*add on: if she hasn't gone in a couple days, please take her to the vet. it's not good.
another suggestion: she may have gone, but you don't know: check under your beds, in corners, closets, and elsewhere, to make sure she isn't going in the house, or when you're not looking. but take her to the vet anyway. she's a little young to be away from her mom, in fact, way too young, and may be sick.
give her lots of water, and exercise.
dogs all need to exercise. a benefit is it regulates their system, calms them down, and allows them to work off frustration, aggression, and makes them more relaxed.
and us, happy moms and dads!

Answer by Kayla M
I know this sounds gross but this is how i did it for mine. take a q-tip wet it and try to stimulate the dogs anus. it should work, puppies that young have to be stimulated

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  1. milkmakingmama says

    I have always used baby wipes to wipe baby animals hind ends so they poo (even did it with a baby skunk!)

  2. oregano13 says

    Is it still with it's mother? If not, it needs to be! Dogs need their moms until 8-12 weeks of age (longer for little dogs). Constipation is not really normal for a puppy. At its age, I would have a vet check it over and make some suggestions.

  3. Sarah C says

    Your dog has only pooped once? How long have you had it? Call the vet. It probably has a stomach problem. Puppies this old have to go to the bathroom all the time.

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