How can I help my pug with breathing problems?

Julie: How to help my pug with breathing problems?
My pug sometimes have these moments when he has trouble breathing and he stands really weird with his tail down and head up snorting really hard. I want to help more when this happens. I give him water to drink which he does drink when he's better. This usually last around 10-45 seconds.

I want to help him when this is happening, what can I do that is safe for him so he will breathe easier?

Thanks! Oh by the way he's 4 going to be 5 in may. Just incase you need that info.

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Answer by BunnuvaSitch
Has your veterinarian suggested anything? Trained professionals are always more reliable than strangers on the internet.

Answer by Ary-Anna

Okay Pugs Have HEAVY breathing problems and my pug/ boston terier mix does that when shes in the tub (when she drinks water) i dont do any thing about it and then she stops. its natrual for pugs to do that cause of their noses are just like that. so its not that big of a deal.

Answer by Jenny Manyteeth

Consult with your veterinarian. It's possible that there is a medication or a surgical solution for this condition.

I've heard of Bulldogs who needed surgery to open the airways in their skulls so they could exercise without distress; all the brachycephalic breeds (flat-faced) have a risk of narrowed sinuses and nostrils because of the flattening of the face.

Answer by Sisu

It is called reverse sneezing.
Sometimes placing the palm of your hand over the nostrils and allowing him to snort a couple of times will help. You can also try rubbing his throat directly under the jaw.

Answer by Mama Tex

Pugs are prone to breathing issues because of their short muzzle. Only use a harness no collars, keep their nose clear and always vaccinate for kennel cough. Keep cool and do not over exercise him. Its just something the breed has to deal with. Good Luck

Answer by FidosCityGuide

Check with your vet, but pug nosed dogs often have breathing issues. It might just be what is called a reverse sneeze, (my yorkie does that).

The best source of information is from you vet, who knows your dog and it's medical history.

Good luck.

Answer by Mikey

The puppy probably has asthma.. You should take him to a vet regularly, and when he starts to do this, hold him up and make sure he is breathing. You should try and get him medication.


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  1. katara1997 says

    It may be anything from a reverse sneeze or allergies to an elongated soft palate or a collapsing trachea. Your should contact your vet and see what they think.

  2. Idolone says

    this is post-nasal drip. its because dogs cant snort their snot down their throat like you and i. they are still able to breath during this act.

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